Tips To Take Care of your Tattoo this Summer

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You may have finally got that tattoo(s) to complement your appearance or even commemorate an important day or event in your life. How do you ensure that the tattoo is at its best all the time? There are hundreds of myths out there when it comes to tattoo care, and you may be spoilt for choice.

The summer is that time of the year that you spend a lot of time outdoors. This season is also hot, which means that you have to adjust your way of life. It is the best time to get a tattoo. The following are some of the tips to take care of your tattoo during summer.

Wear the right clothes

You want to show your tattoos but still ensure that you are healthy. You need to get dedicated outfits, such as those at, to help your tattoo heal and still look good. This is the season which needs light clothes such as tees as it is warm. Getting a tattoo-themed outfit will also complement your look. Organic cotton is the best choice for tattoo outfits because it is breathable and not forgetting that it is durable. You can be a frugal shopper but still, give your tattoo the care it deserves. The ideal clothes are those that you can wear on any occasion without feeling out of place. The choice of the color of the outfits will depend on your complexion and taste.

Cover your tattoo during the healing period

A tattoo is meant to be seen. You want people to see the art as soon as you get it. You also want to feel good about yourself the moment you get that ink. However, be ready to sacrifice until the wound is completely healed. A tattoo that is less than four weeks old needs to be covered. The UV rays are likely to penetrate your skin, bleach the tattoo and make darker colors spread to undesired areas. Your skin is delicate during the healing period, which increases the chances of burns.

Sunblock the tattoo

Once your tattoo is healed, you need to apply a sunblock with an SPF 30 or higher. Such a cream will literally block the tattoo every time you go out. The sunblock works best 10-14 days after getting the tattoo because the wound is vulnerable to outside elements during the healing stage. You can carry a chapstick that you can use to outline your tattoo every time you hit the outdoors. You can reapply the sunblock every 2-3 hours if you spend a lot of time in the sun.

Stay hydrated

Health experts and other professionals cannot stress enough the importance of remaining hydrated. Summer months are always hot, which means that your body loses a lot of water. A tattoo is an open wound that loses water, and you must make up for the loss. Water is the best liquid to take during such days. Your skin will thank you as it will be moisturized, which is good for your appearance, and your tattoo will be more vibrant. You can as well take other liquids such as soda to ensure that your body is always hydrated.

Moisturize your skin

The dream skin should be smooth, supple, and soft. Each body reacts differently to tattoos. Some wounds heal fast, while others will take longer. There will be peeling around the tattoo area, and moisturizing will help you get back the glow. You need gentle and unscented lotions to keep your tattoo moisturized during the hot season. It is hard to determine the number of times that you can moisturize your skin because it depends on how long you stay outdoors and your skin type. If your skin has tendencies to dry often, then you can carry lotion in your bag as you head to the outdoors.

Let your tattoo heal naturally

You will come across a lot of content that promises to be the ‘secret’ pill to your healing journey. However, you need to know that a tattoo is a wound that needs to heal independently. Your skin will scab, and picking this scab is not healthy. You are likely to get infections if you do not observe hygiene. Avoid all medications that promise to fasten the healing journey and let the wound heal on its own.

Engage in healthy feeding habits

Several foods will help your tattoo heal faster. A good example is fruits such as oranges that have high levels of Vitamin C. Your skin will look sturdy and moist because vitamin C promotes the creation of collagen. Dark chocolate and coffee are the perfect combinations to detoxify your skin. Dark chocolate also sheds the old dead skin and promotes the creation of new cells. Garlic is another food that will help detoxify your system. Other essential foods during the healing journey include broccoli, blueberries, tomatoes, and pineapples.

Follow the advice of your tattoo artist

Most people always look out for artists that have amassed years of experience in this space. Such an artist has interacted with hundreds of people with different skin tones and body types. The artist will advise on the best approach to take care of your tattoo. Do not shy away from asking some crucial questions if you feel that some things are not clear.

Use common sense

The healing process will sometimes call for common sense. For instance, this is the time to avoid dirt on your hands or else you get an infection. Avoid moisturizers or lotions with a high acid content, or else you get a burning sensation on your wound. Avoid tight clothes as they are likely to slow the healing process. The tattoo needs to breathe, and you can give it that space when you are indoors.

The approach you take when it comes to tattoo care will influence the healing process and the general appearance. The accessories that you wear, such as jewelry, should also complement your tattoo. Always consult an expert or a healthcare professional if your tattoo gets an infection, or it takes longer to heal than expected.

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