A Guide to Looking Fab On Your Wedding Day

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We have all heard the bridezilla stories that leave us cringing and hoping we do not turn out that way. That is until it is your turn to be the belle of the ball and the pressure to get everything right is taking a toll on you. You finally realize that those seemingly crazy brides just want their day to be the best it can be.

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It goes without saying that you would love to look your best on that big day. The wedding photos will be there to remind you of every hair that was out of place for years to come. However, amidst all the preparations, things can get overwhelming.


Let us explore some tips that can get you turning heads as you wed the love of your life.

A Care Plan

A last-minute diet and body shapers that deny you oxygen are both torturous ways to achieve your desired look. You would fare better with a well thought out short-term plan to meet your goals. Some concerns to begin addressing in advance include:





If you have had any kind of skincare routine, you know that products do not magically work overnight. For this reason, if you have particular skin concerns you would like to try and resolve, seek help early. Consulting an aesthetician would be ideal as some of them even have bridal packages.


Chances are that you intend to get some makeup done on your wedding day. Make time to consult your makeup artist well in advance. It is important to find out what products would work for your skin so as to avoid mishaps on your day. Try to have test runs and see how your face will look and tolerate the application.





How you intend to wear your hair will determine the kind of steps you need to take. That said, it would be prudent to start giving your mane some extra love to ensure it looks its best. Choosing the right products is important. Ideally, your product range should have nourishing products to prevent your hair from becoming dry and breaking.


Consider incorporating natural oils such as argan oil into your routine for moisturization. For washes, choose shampoos that will not strip your hair of its natural sheen. Try out products from private label shampoo manufacturers as they usually have healthy ingredient formulations.

Nail Care




On this too, your personal preferences are king. On the upside though, nails are not too demanding. All you have to do is keep them clean and insist on high hygiene standards from your nail technician.


Remember to book your nail appointment in good time and slot it into your schedule. Yes, you will need a planned schedule if you hope to get everything done.

The Dress




Nothing could ever adequately prepare you for the feeling you will get when you fit the right wedding gown. It is quite an emotional process.


Start your search early so that you have enough time to find exactly what your heart desires. Some bridal shops require you to book an appointment in advance so be sure to make inquiries before you go shopping.


What makes the perfect dress? It should certainly look amazing but the fit ought to be comfortable too. Get as many adjustments as it takes and do not compromise on any details that are not to your specifications. In addition, bringing along a loved one is not just a bridal show gimmick, it really does help.



If you are lucky, your wedding day is the one day when your mum will let you borrow any of her jewelry. Still, besides having something borrowed, something is a nice touch. Pearls are always a nice classy touch but you could also go more modern with a variety of stones.

Dainty hairpins are great for accentuating your hairstyle. However, if you want to make a bold fashion statement, the right fascinator will definitely do the trick.

Shoes can be a bit of a dilemma; the pretty ones tend to be the least comfortable ones. Still, if you can dance the night away comfortably while wearing your Jimmy Choos, have at it. Alternatively, you could choose to have a spare pair with you just in case you need to change.

A beautiful tanzanite necklace adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your bridal ensemble.


Mental and Emotional Wellness

Planning a wedding is not for the faint of heart. It can be stressful even when you have a professional planner on board. When pressures run high, it can also weigh on you and your partner. Disputes are not uncommon but compromising and calling a truce will go a long way.

Find ways to relax amidst all the activities. Running, yoga, rest and massages are some options you could try. If you have not been sleeping well or have been under too much stress, it will show. There is only so much that makeup can do.


Spa Day

Speaking of wellness, after all the errands you will have been through, surely you deserve some pampering. A spa day on the eve of your wedding is always appropriate. It will give you some quiet time to clear your head and get some perspective. The right treatments will add to all the efforts you have been making in the weeks prior.



How you look will play a role in your disposition throughout the occasion. Walking down the aisle in ill-fitting shoes is not a good look nor does it spark joy. Carefully picking out each item may seem indulgent but you will appreciate it when everything runs smoothly.

There are no retakes or do-overs so purpose to enjoy your day as much as possible. Will everything be perfect? That is highly unlikely. Still, choose to focus on the important things; your nuptials, your partner, and the loved ones around you. Everything else is just an extra slice of joy.


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