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Summer 2020 was one unlike any other before it. The pandemic was raging, protests happened throughout the US, and the election cycle was ramping up for its climax. There was little time to think about fashion.

Summer 2021 is, fortunately, somewhat different. The pandemic is still ongoing, but we are inching towards an end. Political upheaval did not disappear after the election, but the country is a whole lot calmer.

Fashion this summer will follow a number of trends that began during the pandemic, while returning us to some semblance of normalcy. Here is how it’s shaping up.

Let’s stay casual

The pandemic had a particular impact on fashion. Since people were not going out to work or to events, they had no need to buy expensive clothing. Rather, we all embraced a casual look. We had to if we were to feel comfortable in our own homes 24/7.

The casual look isn’t going anywhere. People do not want to go back to uncomfortable formal clothing, and many don’t have to since remote working is here to stay. Furthermore, a casual style gives people more freedom to dress for themselves.

With casual swimwear like ModLi’s, women can sit by the pool or on the beach in clothing that puts them first. Rather than dressing up for someone else, people are feeling more free to style themselves, bringing comfort and aesthetics together.


One of the problems with buying clothing during a pandemic is that it is difficult to think ahead. Usually, we know how our summer will look and shop accordingly. However, with the pandemic, we don’t know how often we’ll get to go out. A lot of us also don’t know what sizes to buy.

Personally, I lost a lot of weight with a diet and exercise plan at the start of the pandemic. Then I put it all back on as the pandemic dragged onwards, and now I weigh more than I did at the start. I know I’m not alone in this. Shopping for clothing has become tricky.

For this reason, accessories have become the perfect complements to outfits that might otherwise look stale. Accessories last longer, in a fashion sense, than clothing, and don’t rely on pre-established sizes.

Baggy clothing

Baggy clothing is not just a response to my previous point. In fact, baggy clothing has become increasingly popular over the past few years. It is particularly trendy among Gen Z, who are taking back what it means to be body positive. Many young people prefer baggy clothing as a style which doesn’t rely on their bodies looking or staying a certain way.

Of course, stars like Billie Eilish have only added to the popularity of baggy clothing, and it is unlikely this style will go anywhere soon. If it looks strange to you, give it some time. Fashion changes, and in a few years the styles of the 2010s will look increasingly misguided.

Summer 2021 will be very different to the last one, but fashion will still be impacted by the pandemic. We’ll know just how big that impact will be soon.


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