Does Cycling Burn Belly Fat? Here Is Why This Activity Should Become A Part Of Your Workout Routine

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Which Workout To Choose?

The fitness world is loaded with numerous diets and workouts. That said, it may be quite difficult to choose one that will work the best for you, especially if you are a fitness newbie. Each type of physical activity has its benefits. Given this, when trying to figure out whether you should try fusion yoga, become a weightlifter or buy a bike and start cycling, first, you need to be familiar with all the aspects of the workout of your choice. The BetterMe app can be your guide on your fitness journey. It has more than 50m downloads and can offer you a customized meal and workout plan, which means you don’t have to worry about anything, just enjoy the process of becoming a better version of yourself.


Why You Should Start Cycling?

Cycling might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of weight loss and fitness, however, it doesn’t make it any less of an effective workout. On the contrary, this type of exercise is very beneficial for your overall fitness and wellness. There are a lot of pros, and here are some of them:

– Improves cardiovascular health

– Boosts muscle strength

– Has a low impact on your joints

– Reduces stress

– Promotes better posture

– Strengthens bones


These are only some of the main benefits of cycling. Now, let’s find out the answer to the question that many people are so curious about:


Does Cycling Burn Belly Fat?

Research shows that such high-intensity intermittent workouts such as cycling may reduce body fat in overweight people. Like any other physical activity, cycling burns calories. According to an article by Progress in Molecular Biology and Traditional Science, your body breaks down carbs to produce energy during high-intensity intermittent exercises. The amount of energy from carbs is at least twice as high as that from fats.

However, along with a proper diet, cycling may create a caloric deficit, which leads to a fat-burning process. As such, your body will run out of calories from carbs and start to break down stored fat.

Since spot reduction is a myth, you are sure to burn belly fat, along with fat from other parts of your body. This in turn could lower your risk of such serious health issues as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

Improve your overall health and reach your body goals with the BetterMe app. It can create a perfect diet and exercise plan that would fit you like a glove!


How To Reach The Best Results With The Help Of Cycling?

You may already know that different workouts may require different amounts of energy. Even exercises of the same type may burn a different number of calories, depending on such factors as initial weight, sex, age, and level of intensity of your training. The same goes for cycling. Low-intensity cycling is less effective at burning belly fat than the high-intensity workout. A report by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (JISSN) states that your body breaks down fats for energy when you exercise at an intensity between 45-65% of your maximum oxygen level VO2max.

Of course, determining your VO2max on your own is almost impossible, that is why you should use the Borg Scale to measure the intensity of your training. This scale runs from 6 to 20 as illustrated by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, where 6 is when watching TV, no exertion required, and 20 is when, for example one is sprinting, which is performed at maximum effort. To burn belly fat while cycling, make sure to exercise at Borg Scale rate 13-14.


Tips And Recommendations To Help You Get Started

If you have decided to try cycling, good for you! Any training is better than no training. And cycling is not just any workout. As becomes clear from all the above-presented info, this type of exercise is extremely beneficial for you. However, before rushing to a store and to pick out a bike, here are some recommendations and tips that may help make your workout more effective and safer:

– Consult with a specialist

Although cycling is a low-impact exercise, it still affects your body. Therefore, before getting down to exercising, please, make sure to visit your doctor. This is especially necessary for people who have an injury or have suffered from an injury in the past.

A health specialist can not only help you figure out whether it is safe for you to cycle but can also recommend the proper intensity level.

– Try indoor cycling

Does indoor cycling burn belly fat? Yes it does, and quite effectively. So, if the area you live in has no proper cycling areas, the weather is not suitable for cycling or you simply don’t feel like cycling outdoors, hop on a stationary bike and melt away your belly fat at home.

– Increase the intensity

The United States Department of Health recommends that to maintain weight a healthy adult should exercise about 150 minutes a week at low to moderate intensity, or 75 minutes at high intensity. If you are a fitness enthusiast and feel like simple cycling won’t help you much, increase the intensity of your workout by increasing the distance, duration, or speed.

Note that the more a person weighs – the more calories they will burn. According to the Mayo Clinic, to lose a pound of fat a person needs to burn around 3,500 calories. Harvard Health Publishing states that a 155-pound person can successfully burn 298 calories when cycling at 12 mph for half an hour.



Cycling is an overall beneficial physical activity that not only can help you banish belly fat, but also strengthen your body and boost your health. If you combine this type of exercise with a healthy diet, you are sure to reach the desired results.


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