Safest & Best Ways To Keep Shopping During COVID-19

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We all know that serious fashionistas love to save money during a lockdown, but as most stores are already open across the country, we have to observe hygiene and safety rules in order to reduce the risk of infection. As you’ll find out, it’s still possible to continue shopping and remain safe at the same time.

Go online

Although smaller boutiques may not have an online store just yet, most major brands will give you the option to browse and purchase their items on the internet. Sure, it’s very different from shopping in real life and you might have to send back some things that don’t fit well or aren’t as you expected, but it’s an easy and safe way to pick up new clothing and accessories. You might even like the idea of fashion subscription box services. These companies actually send you a bunch of items that you might enjoy, and you simply pay for the ones you like and send back those you dislike.

Go during off-peak hours

If the only way you like to see and buy items is seeing them in a brick-and-mortar store, then you’ll have to play your cards carefully to stay safe and minimize risk. Your best bet is to go during off-peak hours if that’s possible for you, as weekends and after work are always going to be the busiest times. It’s much less stressful to browse a store when it’s emptier! As well, try to get everything done in one place like a shopping mall, so that you take less trips for shopping during the month overall.

Wear a mask and observe a correct distance from other shoppers

Ensure you’re wearing an adequate face-covering such as this AirFlex Mask whenever you’re shopping around others. Many stores won’t let you inside unless you have a mask. Do your best to remain around 6 feet from other shoppers and be prepared to wait in a line outside the store, as some businesses only allow a certain amount of people inside at the same time. It’s a good idea to wash your hands before leaving your house and certainly when coming home. You can use hand disinfectant periodically throughout the shopping trip if you want to be safer. Avoid touching your face to help prevent the spread of germs. Get some great tips here for when and how to wash your hands.

Leave if you don’t feel safe

In the end, your health and the health of your friends and loved ones is more important than shopping. If you feel like a place is too crowded or if the staff and other shoppers aren’t wearing masks, then either find another place to shop or try again on a different day. Plus, there’s always online shopping!


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