Nancy Reagan Passes Away at 94

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Nancy Reagan Passes Away at 94


The iconic former First Lady passed away due to congestive heart failure this past Sunday, March 6, in her Los Angeles home. At the age of 94, Mrs. Reagan passed away having lived a long and active life, notably marked by her activism for causes such as drug abuse education and rehabilitation, returning Vietnam veterans, and later Alzheimer’s, as well as her vital support to her husband throughout his political career.

From actress to First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Reagan lived with a surety of style which at times resulted in cutting criticisms, but has nonetheless maintained in her legacy. From her husband’s time as Governor of California onward, Mrs. Reagan’s style was remarked as having a glamour similar to that of the former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy. She cultivated an interest in high fashion, wearing clothing from notable designers including James Galanos, Bill Blass, and Oscar de la Renta.

During her time as First Lady, Mrs. Reagan offered both support and guidance to her husband that altered the course of history and politics at the time. Her campaign against recreational drug abuse, “Just Say No,” became an iconic effort to reduce and prevent drug abuse in youths. She was the first First Lady invited to address the United Nations General Assembly, where she spoke on international drug trafficking laws and punitive measures.

Nancy Reagan leaves behind three children, Patti Davis, Ronald Prescott Reagan and Michael Reagan.


Nancy Reagan Passes Away at 94

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