Chris Benz to relaunch Bill Blass as Creative Director

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Chris Benz to relaunch Bill Blass as Creative Director


Established in 1970, Bill Blass was touted as the first American Fashion house – and according to their website, they still are. Bright colors were a defining characteristic, and they still are today as sneak peeks of the upcoming collection show.

Like many companies, the success and prominence of Bill Blass has waxed and waned, and as creative directors have been shuffled in and then back out again, the question is asked again: will it work this time? Chris Benz, an American designer educated at Parsons School of Design, has shown great promise through his career, garnering numerous awards including The Pantone Special Color Award for Best Use of Color by a Designer in 2010. At only 33, he has taken the position of creative director at Bill Blass in an effort to re-establish the brand through a re-launch as well as collaboration with established designers.

Already having established his own line as well as having worked for designers such as Marc Jacobs and J. Crew, Benz brings knowledge, skill, and an understanding of the current industry to Bill Blass in what looks to be a successful re-emergence of the beloved American brand. The brand is set to re-launch online November 2, unveiling a new collection in bright colors.


Chris Benz to relaunch Bill Blass as Creative Director

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