Lil Buck’s Capsule Collection for Versace

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Lil Buck’s Capsule Collection for Versace


Lovers of Versace and street-style dance alike will no doubt take interest in the latest collaborative effort the Italian powerhouse has taken part in, harnessing the creative efforts of Lil Buck, aka Charles Riley, for this latest capsule collection. The 27 year old dancer is known for his skills in the street dance style called Jookin, which earned him a place on Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour this year, and can seen performed in a video with Yo-Yo Ma that went viral in 2011. Dressed in all black with a baseball cap, the then 23-year-old chose sneakers as his dance shoes, moving with a dexterity and fluidity many might not manage in ballet slippers.

Appropriately enough, sneakers were two of the five pieces Lil Buck collaborated on in his capsule collection for Versace, which went on sale online and in the houses SoHo store October 30th. A pair of slate grey sneakers, also available in black, feature the house’s signature Greek design on a cross-strap at the ankle and on the laces, with a small silver Pegasus pendant woven into the bottom lace. The mythological creature Pegasus took center stage in this five piece collection in the stead of the Versace’s usual Medusa, rearing with wings spread on a t-shirt, bringing to mind the famed Mockingjay pendant seen through the  Hunger Games films – whether intentional or not, that connection is due a pause for thought. Lil Buck’s choice to use Pegasus was intended to inspire strength and confidence in the wearer, “Versace has done an amazing job bringing that godly feeling to life for anyone who wears anything Versace. I want to stay on that godly path, and at the same time bring something new to the table as I always love to do – thus the Pegasus-inspired shoe.”

Two pairs of sneakers, a black tank top and t-shirts available in either black or white make up this exciting collaboration. Making a name for himself both in the fashion industry and beyond, Lil Buck has modeled for Gap, as well as having performed in a video with Mikhail Baryshnikov for a Rag & Bone campaign earlier this year.


Lil Buck’s Capsule Collection for Versace

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