Mulberry looks for a new CEO

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Mulberry could find a new creative director, after a year of research but still could not hire the right candidate as a new chief executive. The English brand expressed its desire to let the new CEO and creative director start to work at the same time. Since Johhny Coca is going to begin his new role in July, the fashion house has few months left.

Johnny Coca will replace Emma Hill, who left the company on June 2013.She was the creative mind behind some of the most most iconic bags, such as the Alexa and Del Rey. Hill left the brand after few disagreements with Guillon regarding the operational and creative strategy of Mulberry.

Godfrey Davis stepped in on a interim basis until a new official one was found. His goal was to repair the damage caused by Guillon and and reconnect the brand with its roots.

Bruno Guillon, former CEO , tried to re-position Mulberry as higher end label but he failed.

Mulberry looks for a new CEO

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