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It is a new year, and many people around the world are up and down looking to enroll in the best universities in the world. Most universities are preferred for their resources. To attain the best university degree or master’s in marketing, you need more than just resources. You will need to check on the number of fees you are paying, the period of study, and perhaps the location of the university. Also, you have to consider your security in university and the reputation of the school in terms of discipline.

Well, here are ten of the most recognized universities for their excellent training in marketing courses. Have a look;

EDHEC: Masters in Marketing Study and Management

It is among the preferred universities that have shown its mastery in training students by rising two ranks higher world’s ranking. The courses at this university have been designed to combine fresh ideas for international business activities and practices. It helps in providing a cutting edge for the courses to marketing challenges.

Although the university is located in France, the courses are offered in the English language since it is a language preferred by many. The University has continued to gain popularity in its employability as well as the alumni scores.  Almost 70 percent of the total students who have graduated from the university can secure jobs outside France. The institution also provides a lot of networking activities with other global universities and essay writer companies among other institutions relevant to courses of study. The university also has a high reputation for research projects and initiate masters students in real-time research work in companies.

ESADE Schools of Business:

The university stands in the seventh position in the world’s ranking. It offers learning opportunities for students from about 92 nationalities. It contains a balanced ratio of men to females of at least 45/55.

In addition, the institution was able to score well in all three ranking indicators with its second-highest score coming from employability.  The first score came from the number of alumni that made it in global marketing and offering solutions to marketing problems.

The university is among the most recognized and is a center of excellence for marketing courses.  In its training, it urges students to be strategic in developing marketing solutions in the world’s company management.

HEC Paris: Masters in Marketing

The university is the top-ranked in the world for offering marketing courses for students. It is well fledged with the best resources and lecturers.  Based in Paris, the institution gained the highest scores in four preferred areas by most students;

  • Employability
  • Leadership abilities in graduates
  • Strategic thinking on real-time marketing challenges
  • Alumni outcomes

The school offers the students the best theoretical techniques and excellent skills for career development. In the current world, marketing professionals are expected to have theoretical confidence to deliver what it takes to attain maximum success.

Imperial College Business School

Standing second in the world’s ranking, in the training of marketing experts, it is also ranked first in the United Kingdom. It is also one of the most recognized universities globally for its excellent training in business courses.

It is located in London. This is an advantage to both the university and students since both have access to worlds known companies for opportunities. It offers innovative courses with a well-designed marketing course that equips students with creative thinking to global issues. The aspiring marketers get readymade work placements in the nearby organization within and outside the London city. It does well in almost all five indicators that include employability, alumni outcome and critical leadership skills and diversification.

Colombia Business School: MSc in Marketing

Although the university dropped two slots this year, it is still a preferred institution for learning a marketing course. It is third in the world’s ranking and first US business and marketing schools. It scored well on four indicators.

The highest indicator was in leadership and value for their money and alumni outcome. The primary focus is on marketing analysis designed as two semesters. The course has been tailored to handle global challenges with strategic thinking approaches.

Lastly, these universities stand to be among some of the best. Their score indicators continue to stand out. We hope this review will help in providing you with a guide on where to apply for a Masters Degree in Marketing.


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