Make A Splash: Toddler Girls Swimwear Style Guide

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Whether you are going for a summer vacation to an island city or preparing for the lazy pool days, having iconic swimwear is important. More than that, upgrading your little girl’s wardrobe with the most stylish swimwear is a must, if you want to enjoy your me-time the most.
Here, we compiled a list of beach and pool day essentials including trendy girls swimwear to make sure you won’t miss out on the fun – this summer.


A Swimwear

A Morgan Skirted Swimwear is one of the most essential favourites you must have in your pool kitty for your younger one. Other than that, your tot will love the two-piece Milly Frilly Crop swimwear, designed for comfort. The polyester and spandex blend makes these swimwear light and breathable. Plus, these are hand-washed in cold water, so no hard fabric care rules apply.


Swim Nappies 

If your baby is waterlogged in the ordinary nappy, she is not going to enjoy the experience. Most importantly, the pool staff will not let you wear any standard panties in the pool. So, keep that in mind and grab a couple of swim nappies for the tot to wear in the pool. These nappies are easily available in most online stores. Grab some of these and you are good to go.


Foam Kickboards

For beginners, the foam kickboards are essential as they help them build leg strength in the pool by immobilizing their arms. The junior-sized kickboards are designed to minimize stress on the toddler’s shoulders. You can buy one, keeping in mind the height and weight of your tot baby. Since these kickboards come in varying sizes and dimensions, read the guide before buying one for your kid.



Buy the matching earplugs for your toddler girl so that she can’t restrain from wearing them while swimming. Most of the time, the pools are not safe for kids, particularly when the parents and tots are swimming in the same pool. Earplugs are important to wear, particularly for babies and toddlers, as they prevent them from getting swimmers’ ears and reduce the risk of water-borne bacteria.


Swim Goggles 

The eyes are considered the most sensitive organ of the body; their safety is important. Buy swimming goggles that fit your tot’s eyes perfectly such that there’s no space for water to enter. These goggles must create a vacuum around the eyes to prevent water from getting into the eyes when the tot is learning swimming tricks in the pool while your next vacation.

During your island vacation, twin your little one to match your fashion statement and stand out. These were the 5 most essential elements you would need when you are taking your little one for the pool trip.


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