Krizia founder Maria Mandelli Dies at Age 90

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Krizia founder Maria Mandelli Dies at Age 90


Maria Mandelli, founder of the fashion house Krizia, passed away unexpectedly this Sunday evening at the age of 90.

In a statement released by the board of family company M.M.K. SpA, Mandelli was remembered as a force of Italian fashion: “Mariuccia, as she was known to all of her friends, was an extraordinary, innovative fashion designer who contributed to creating and sustaining the expression of typically Italian elegance on the international stage.” The Italian Prome Minister Matteo Renzi expressed his condolences over Mandelli’s death as well, recalling her as a “unique protagonist of fashion and of Made-in-Italy, thanks to her creativity and joy of color.”

Mandelli sold her brand to the corporation Shenzhen Marisfrolg last year, leaving her legacy to Zhu Chongyun, a self-made designer and apparel retailer based in China. “I am delighted to have met Zhu,” Mandelli stated during this move. “I found myself in complete harmony with her. I believe she has the strength and talent to continue our work and lead Krizia’s new international successes.”

Krizia was founded in Milan in 1950, and in the 65 years since Maria Mandelli has been lauded again and again for her innovation and skill in design, being the first woman to be awarded the Critica della Moda prize in 1964.


Krizia founder Maria Mandelli Dies at Age 90

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