Hermès to Focus on Women’s Timepieces

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Hermès to Focus on Women’s Timepieces


Laurent Dordet, who became the CEO of La Montre Hermès effective this past March, has declared in recent weeks that women are in fact the future of the Hermès watch. By focusing on designs that appeal to women, including the use of elements such as jewels in the watches, Dordet aims to not only boost sales but to bring Hermès to the forefront of the luxury timepiece market.

A key part of the journey to the forefront is becoming known as quality watchmakers, not simply makers of a pretty accessory. “Within the watchmaking métier, we will make objects of which we are proud and which will have both elements in common: Hermès quality and Hermès style,” Dordet stated in an interview with WtheJournal.com this past March, “With the ambition of developing our strengths in areas in which we are already strong and to make a bigger impression where we are more recent.” In an interview earlier this month, Dordet further noted that 80% of sales are already women’s timepieces.

The timepieces currently available range from the sporty, elegant likes of the Cape Cod, inspired by the location, featuring a wraparound strap and a sleek silver frame, to the sophistication of the gold and diamond-encircled white face of the Faubourg, completed with a black leather strap.

The recent tumble luxury sales took in Asia forced a number of brands to scale back or pull out much of their stock, and watchmakers and accessory-oriented brands were no exception. The brand’s past and present designs lend a confidence indicating that design will likely not be the issue, but rather maintaining prosperity in an uncertain market.


Hermès to Focus on Women’s Timepieces

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