In the mood of Rad Hourani: "I’m inspired by what I want to wear"

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Relaxnews: What famous figure, historical or contemporary, could best represent this collection?
Rad Hourani: Myself, my own silhouette.

R: Where were you when you found the inspiration for this collection? What was the light-bulb moment?
RH: I was in the universe on planet Earth, thinking about new Unisex shapes.

R: If you had to sum up your collection in just one piece, which would you choose?
RH: The unisex transformable blazer. A piece that can be transformed into 14 other pieces: corset, skirt, backpack, jacket, cape, etc.

R: Could Rihanna, a true fashion icon, represent your label? What look would you pair her with?
RH: She has often worn my designs and everything looks good on her.

R: Has a particular couturier inspired you in the past or present?
RH: I am inspired by what I want to wear and not by other designers.

R: What do you dislike about the fashion world?
RH: Trends… I can’t stand them.

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