In the mood of Julien Fournié: "For me, Maya Plisetskaya represents the eternal feminine"

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Relaxnews: What famous person, historical or contemporary, could best represent this collection?
Julien Fournié: Maya Plisetskaya, the ballet star. Even today, for me, she represents the eternal feminine. And that’s what couture in Paris is about: the eternal feminine in a contemporary expression.

R: Where were you when you found the inspiration for this collection? What was the light-bulb moment?
JF: I was getting ready for a gala event at the Paris Opéra. I thought about these young girls making, as they say, their “debut in society,” and about the preparations for a party where all means of seduction are possible. This is why I called the collection “Premier Frisson” [First Thrill]. In powdery tones, in the style of Jean-Honoré Fragonard, I placed these young women in a strange world, a little like Mark Ryden does.

R: If you had to sum up your collection in just one piece, which would you choose?
JF: A deep V-neck sheath that elongates the body by simply covering it with translucent sequins on a light, flesh-colored crêpe fabric. The very essence of sensuality and elegance is meant to come through in the delicate nature of tones resembling young girls’ porcelain complexions.

R: Could Rihanna, a true fashion icon, represent your label? What look would you pair her with?
JF: I have already dressed Beyoncé. I don’t know if Rihanna would accept to follow in her footsteps. But I could see her in the look that will open the show: a top made entirely of various semi-precious gems (amethysts, jade, rock crystal) worn over pleated jacquard pants which alternate the same colors of the gems on the back and the front, accenting them with a unique silver pattern.

R: Has a particular couturier inspired you in the past or present?
JF: Several of them have been my masters. Among them, I could name Claude Montana for tailoring, Charles James for corsets built into the architecture of dresses, and Gianfranco Ferré for his original sleeves.

R: What do you dislike about the fashion world?
JF: The parochial factions, intolerance, racism… I hate these things anywhere they show up, including in the fashion world.

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