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If you are looking to buy quality clothes on a budget, you definitely need to check out Bella Canvas and Comfort Colors. Made to last, these 2 brands vow to always strive for perfection, but perfection comes in different forms for every person. For Bella Canvas, perfection lies in the premium crafted tees. For Comfort Colors, perfection means attention to detail.

Everyone knows the struggle of finding the perfect shirt, the perfect pants, the perfect shoes, everything. The truth is, that perfection is just a concept. You consider an item of clothing perfect after testing it based on your liking. Is it soft? Is it affordable? Is it worth it? Is it special? Is it comfortable? These are all valid questions that people consider when picking the perfect clothes.


Things You Need to Know About This Brand

This company has been in the game since 1992 when 2 best friends decided their view of perfection was not really that apparent in the 90s fashion game. They acknowledged the lack of women’s items on the market and decided to launch their operation. The 2 best friends, Danny and Marco, started printing different ideas in their garage.

This was the first company to introduce the 40 single tri-blend. And they didn’t stop there. The company continued to innovate when the revolutionary Flowy Poly-Viscose was introduced back in 2011.

They even decided to start a YouTube channel, trying to educate the people of the globe with new helpful videos every week.


What Is Bella Canvas Most Known for?

Bella Canvas is most known for their combed, ring-spun, airlume cotton, as they call it. It is designed to have a great fit on the human body and is one of the best feeling materials in the industry. This combed ring-spun is the company’s signature. They have been doing it since day 1, while others still used the carded open-end technique. The difference between airlume and carded open end is very simple. They offer clean cotton and long-staple cotton, all while being eco-dyed.

The company claims they comb 2.5x more impurities out of their cotton, they make sure with the long-staple cotton that the stray fibers are a lot less, and they dye their finished items using eco-friendly dyes and 7x less water. And the best part about their paint is that you get to choose between 300 unique, long-lasting colors.

Bella Canvas goes to extreme lengths to raise attention and stop tubular manufacturing. They consider these tubular fits ill-fitting for every body type. That’s why they use the side-seamed technique, because they fit you better. Made for comfort, made using strong materials, made to be affordable.

The Design Process of the Brand

Bella Canvas does not believe in one size fits all, and they definitely don’t believe in generic sizing. This company uses precise measurements of every body type. The company does cross-reference so that their clothes fit you, no matter the body type, height, or weight. This technical fit ensures that the fit reaches the largest crowd and pleases even the most pretentious individual.

Things You Need to Know About Comfort Colors

Comfort Colors has been around for more than 45 years. They believe making high-quality and durable clothes is genuinely an art. That’s why they have been perfecting their skills over the years, to make sure the customers are always satisfied and keep coming back for their latest creations. This company specializes on making natural and authentic casual, essential pieces.

For the last 4 decades, it has been in a constant state of renewal, upgrading, and evolving. The brand claims to always have the good of the planet in mind. That’s why they have future-forward standards so that the clothing items are as comfortable for the environment as they are for you and your family.

Comfort Colors makes clothes for all ages and genders and offers a variety of clothing items. From T-shirts and tanks to sports shirts, sweatpants, hoodies, and even face masks, they offer looks and fits for every taste. In addition, they offer all of these items in various styles.

And because for this unique company, transparency is vital. They decided to join social media to make it easier for their customers to find them and share the excitement. As of today, you can find them on their social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

And if you are the curious kind and you always like to find out about new products, exclusive offers, or more, Comfort Colors invites you to subscribe to their newsletter.


What’s Popular with the Brand

If the company name didn’t already give it away, the answer is the multitude of nature-inspired colors. Comfort Colors take great pride in their everyday apparel, and most of all, they take great pride in their colors, which they have worked on perfecting ever since the beginning.

The brand has more than 70 colors available for you. The most popular colors are: Kiwi, Watermelon, Blue Jean, Pepper, and of course the classics: White, Black, and Gray.

This company has a particular way of coloring the clothing items, making them feel very lived in, according to some of their most loyal customers. In addition, this very special technique makes clothes look “vintage” and gets the colors to soften and age with washing.

Another popular feature with clients seems to be the fit. Everyone seems to enjoy them for the fit yet relaxed look. Some customers even took to the internet to suggest this brand as the perfect company for the work-from-home folks. Why? Because their fit makes you look put together, all while being comfortable.

The material in this brand’s clothes is generally thicker than the material found in other brands, which gives this brand a winning hand. Because of this thicker material, the brand’s items gained popularity for feeling like that plushie toy that you held on to for years. You’ve had it forever, but it’s still your favorite plushie. It still makes you very happy and never changes, no matter how many times you wash it.

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