Ideas To Transform Your Farmhouse Décor With Rustic Window Treatments

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One of the easiest ways to transform and upgrade your farmhouse decor is by adding some rustic window treatments to it. It will elevate the way the interiors look and make it cozier, more comfortable, yet stunning.

If you are looking for ideas on the best window treatments for farmhouse décor, read below!

Framing the view Take into account all the assets in your farmhouse property. If you have a fabulous view from your bedroom windows, you can use curtains to frame and elevate the overall outlook. Go for long and flowy curtains that you can hang on either side of your window. Choose simple and neutral fabric which will add to the contemporary style of your farmhouse, without diverting the focus from the outside view. For added luxury, let the curtains hang down to the floor, no matter which area of the house it is – living room, bedroom, or your dining space.

Embroidered fabrics You can get a little adventurous and create a contrasting look with embroidered fabrics and other materials. Choose the pattern and the color palette wisely to make the space look cozy and modern. Fabrics matched with wooden window blinds, for example, are a great pairing that give that warm rustic look.

Color pop If you love the fully contemporary design of farmhouses then you can add sheer curtains to the interiors. While you can’t go wrong with white or off white drapes, you can also try different colors. The fabric should allow sunlight partially which will brighten up your interiors and help to protect your furnishings from the direct sunlight. You can go for hues and colors that you would find in nature, which is a great choice if you want to add that rustic element to your interiors.

Fall of linen Linen adds a sense of softness and balance to the interior elevating its overall outlook. You can choose something close to the color of your walls, and layer it with other window treatments to create a beautiful textured look.

Height consistency If you have more than one window in a room and they are not at the same height, try to place the curtain rods in the same level and position. You can align it with the tallest window in your room, and avoid that choppy effect which would be caused by hanging the curtains at different levels. Even if you have a single window in the room, try to hang the curtain rod closer to the ceiling. This will make the window seem taller.

With these ideas, you can easily upgrade your farmhouse interiors using window treatments. The key here is to focus on the details and not be skeptical about trying out new decorative styles. Play with colors, fabrics, textures, and heights to see what works best for your interior.


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