How to wear one maxi dress 6 different ways

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If there is one staple item that no woman should ever be without it is a maxi dress. Maxi dresses are stylish, versatile, and so easy to wear. In fact, just one maxi dress can provide 6 different outfits!

1 – Accessorise your dress

Accessories can completely transform an outfit and make your basic wardrobe staples really pop. If you are struggling to make a simple piece look more exciting then just throw on a few pieces of bling and voila! Jewellery can go a long way towards transforming an outfit – some sparkly dangling earrings can dress it up or you can dress it down with some casual hoops. Necklaces extend the neckline which can help make you appear thinner and taller (something that is further accentuated with a long flowing maxi dress!) A cute choker can add a bit of edge to your look as opposed to a more dramatic statement piece.

2 – Keep it minimal

In contrast to dressing your outfit up with accessories, you can keep it simple and understated – sometimes less is more. Sometimes all you need is a pair of strappy sandals to show off your pedicure and you have a fun, playful outfit as an easy go-to.

3 – Go Runway

Runway is all about high heels. Stilettos or platforms make a statement and make your outfit more high-fashion. Swapping those sandals out for a pair of high heels instantly makes your outfit look more glamourous, makes you feel fancy and makes you look more confident.

4 – Beach Glam

It goes without saying that maxi dresses are an iconic summer style but it is not just about feeling comfortable at the beach or staying cool in warm weather – you can turn this trend into a bold fashionable look with very little effort. Accent your dress with a cool beach hat and some crochet sandals and you have a comfortable summer outfit that will turn heads at the beach.

5 – Punk Rock

Punk and rock are probably not words that come to mind when you think of maxi dresses, but you can get a great grungy look with a couple of extra touches. Layer a leather jacket and throw on some chunky combat boots to toughen up a floaty maxi. Keep your accessories dark and get your nails painted black and you will be looking badass no matter what kind of maxi dress you are wearing underneath it all.

6 – Turn it into a two-piece

A maxi dress does not have to be a dress, you can easily create the illusion of two separate items by adding an oversized sweater over the top. You can wear a shirt, tied at the waist to break up the top and bottom of the dress. If the weather is too warm for a jumper, then a belt can be a great accessory to tuck a top into to make it look like two separate pieces. If the fabric isn’t too thick you can even get away with turning your maxi dress into a top by tucking it into separate bottoms.


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