How to Dress Your Toddler this Summer

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The sweltering months of summer days require special attention when it comes to dressing your kid. Keeping the heat aside, summer days are also full of warmth, sunshine, and pleasant opportunities. But, choosing the right baby girl dresses becomes vital as it needs to be a perfect balance between comfort and protection. The clothes kids wear should be capable enough of withstanding the harmful rays of the Sun.

With abnormal weather conditions globally in different parts of the world, parents should choose their kids’ summer clothing wisely. Kids need to be cool in the intense rays. They must not come under the influence of direct sun exposure and overheating. Sunburns in toddlers have a better chance of escalating to melanoma.

Keeping all these factors in mind, here are some of the best dressing tips for little kids in summer.


Buy Cotton/Linen Clothes

On the toastiest days of summer, not just toddlers but everyone is at risk of overheating. Lightweight cotton or linen clothes will ensure air inflow is maintained to all body parts. It helps little ones stay cool as sweat evaporates. It also prevents irritation and gives them a cooling effect altogether.

Usually, 100% cotton clothes are the best buys for their super soft fabric quality. Besides cotton, you can also prefer buying linen clothes. It is also a fantastic natural fabric, breathable, and perfect for warm summer days. Moreover, it has a unique insect-repelling property, thus keeping the clothes safe for years. Both cotton and linen kidswear come in different shades and colors.


Always Prefer Loose-fitting Clothes

Like choosing the right fabrics, loose and breathable clothing should also be a top priority while buying dresses for toddlers. As the mercury starts to climb, it is good to dress up your child in breezy, simple, loose-fitting clothes. Go minimal with layering, whether you buy a printed round-neck dress with short sleeves or a nice-looking floral print dress.

Hot weather demands simple and easy outfits that help toddlers keep their bodies cool. For little girls, simple sleeveless knit dresses make the best choice. Little boys look easygoing in pull-on shorts and sleeveless tees.


Buy Light and Refreshing Colors

Always avoid buying darker shades for toddlers in the summer months. Firstly, they don’t look appealing and cheerful to kids. And secondly, they absorb heat and the sun’s rays, which is definitely a big caveat.

The rule of thumb is to buy light and bright colors for toddlers because they simply look refreshing in them. Light color clothes also repel heat, thus keeping the body cool. You can try buying light-colored dresses with Disney’s Mickey Mouse, dog prints, or beautiful floral designs.


Avoid Overdressing Toddlers

Overdressing toddlers is always a no-brainer because it makes them feel irritated. Kids love playing and being free in their way. Therefore, heavy clothes and accessories do not go well with them. Avoid overloading kids with lots of hair clips, bands, or jewelry. These things increase the heat and make little ones feel uncomfortable.


Wrapping Up

Besides onesies, t-shirts, and A-line dresses, girl dresses come in plenty of different styles. Parents can buy their young ones stylish hats, smart sandals, or even cute sunglasses for the summer months. Also, if you are looking for a swim, buy baby swimsuits that dry fast.


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