Giorgio Armani stars in his own campaign

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While he doesn’t seem too camera shy, like most designers, Giorgio Armani has in the past usually chosen someone else to model his clothes. 

This time around though, the 79-year-old billionaire designer has chosen to steal the limelight for his new Made-to-Measure campaign, appearing in a black and white shot that he took himself.

“I like the idea of being its testimonial, wearing a jacket and a tie and presenting myself with a different image from the one people normally associate me with,” Armani told WWD

Launched in 2006, the bespoke Made-to-Measure is focussed on what Armani calls “sartorial attention”. The campaign launches later this month alongside a new dedicated website which will allow customers to book tailoring appointments and explore the fabric, cut and finish options on the clothes.  

While rare, Armani’s stint in front of the camera is not completely unprecedented: he has previously cropped up in campaigns for his eyewear and his Eau Pour Homme fragrance, but this is the first time he has turned photographer. Fellow fashion star Marc Jacobs also famously appeared (almost naked) in his own adverts for the Marc Jacobs Bang men’s fragrance, while Tom Ford was also happy to suit up for a series of Tom Ford perfume campaigns. 


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