Futuristic Fashion: The Trends Shaping The Future

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Retro fashion has made a comeback in recent years. We’ve seen everything from patchwork and crochet to clogs and bell bottoms go full circle! But, while retro fashion is once again taking the world by storm, there’s another trend to look out for. The complete opposite of retro fashion – futuristic fashion.

This guide will take you through the trends shaping the future, keeping you one step ahead of the fashion scene.

Sci-Fi Sexy

The fashion industry has seen it all, so what’s still there to call futuristic? All it takes is a look at the famous designers to see that for many, futuristic means sci-fi movie inspired garments with amplified sex appeal.

Currently, it’s all about sculpted dresses and carefully curated necklines to accentuate figures. Wear these dresses with leggings or layer them over shirts to make them appropriate for everyday wear.

Metallic Fabrics

Since the cyberpunk era, designers have associated futuristic fashion with anything related to metallics. Think of opulent chains and studs to get the picture. But, what makes the fashion of the future different? Perhaps the fact that it goes beyond metallic accents.

The future outfits promise to deliver all-over metallic shine. Expect tops and bottoms, jackets and even sneakers covered in silver or gold glitter, chunky footwear with all-over metal accents, and lots of other details that have the sole purpose of making you sparkle.

Mirrored Sunglasses

Most top designers, from Prada right through to Gucci, now propose different versions of mirrored eyewear. Pair them with glitzy metallic fabrics and cyberpunk accessories for a full futuristic effect.

Extreme Silhouettes

Top designers enjoy taking part in the futurism of extreme silhouettes. This involves taking basic components of a garment, such as the sleeves or necks, and adding size and volume until they become extreme. So, in a world where society rules may keep you on a perennial diet to prevent any increase in your volume, designers do the opposite to their clothing lines.

Galaxy Prints

Futuristic trends have always had a connection to cosmos – what can be more futuristic than exploring the stars? Even now, spaceship-oriented designs and starry prints on fabrics enhance the “je-ne-quoi” of wearing them.

It seems that anything goes for designers as long as it’s galaxy-inspired. This is likely to be subtle though, with small diamantes acting as twinkling stars and blends of colours acting as the galaxy.


Most designers consider sequins to be in a category of their own. Bringing the best of metallic and galactic inspiration, sequins look great with delicate footwear and accessories as well as combat boots and a utility belt. Pair them with a jean jacket, neck embroidery designs for a day look or a leather bomber for the night.

Snake Print

Having more to do with the reptilian theories rather than the animal, snake prints also take on a futuristic approach. They provide the link between prehistoric and tomorrow, suiting an array of futuristic clothing and colour trends.


In the future of fashion, geometrics will go further than being a bold print. Instead, they will also define the shape of the clothing. Expect to see the rise of square necklines, square toe footwear, square or rectangular bags, triangular jewellery, crop circle embroidery, and lots of other quirky shapes.

Futuristic Footwear

Obviously, futuristic fashion trends have their say in the footwear department too. The trends are similar to some described above, including shiny metallic boots clinging onto the ‘80s, chunky loafers and clogs decorated with metallic accents and faux snakeskin. There will also be sock sneakers and chunky sneakers such as those showcased by Gucci and Prada.

The future of fashion is looking exhilarating. Whether you tone it down to make it work for your style or want to go loud and proud, these tips will keep you in the limelight.


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