Eight Great Personalized Gifts for Christmas: How to Make the Holiday Season More Unique

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There is a growing sense, even from those who don’t generally consider themselves to be overly cynical, that Christmas has become too commercial.

Obviously, we are all aware that the festive season requires us to offer presents to friends and family, as well as the occasional gift to random work colleagues (yes, even Jeff from accounting), but the continuous need to buy so many gifts can leave you feeling a little empty and can undoubtedly devalue the season and what it truly represents.

This year, why not try to be more personal in your approach?

Personalized gifts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. You can look to be witty, funny, and charming with presents that are light and playful, or you can look to stir emotions and come up with a present that really hits home.

Customized gifts are a massive industry right now, and that’s ideal for buyers who have a vast resource of options when it comes to finding a present that is simply perfect for an individual in your life.

The online market makes this an almost limitless ocean from which to shop, so to help steer you in the right direction in this very cluttered sea, take a look at some of the best ideas for you to consider for Christmas 2022.


Elegant Personalized Jewelry

No doubt you are aware of custom-made jewelry items, it’s a market that’s really booming right now, and what better time of the year is there to gift something of this nature?

Why not get your loved one a stylish initial necklace? These come in all sorts of styles and types to suit all budgets and are a great way to give a truly unique present with that statement appeal that will see it last way beyond the holidays.


Personalized Dressing Gowns

This is a delightful gift you might give to the hosts who are putting up the family for the Christmas period. These are snuggly and elegant and will be gladly received by those who must put in all the effort to host the extended family.

Why not club together with other family members to gift this and get a matching pair for those who are going to all the effort to make sure the festive season is a massive success?


Personalized Santa Sack

This one is predominantly for the kids but may still strike a chord with older family members who are young at heart. Why not deliver your family presents in a personalized Santa sack which gives the impression that the gifts have come directly from the North Pole?

This is a nice idea, and the hessian sack can be personalized, so it names those who the presents are for. It’s a nice idea and can be reused for next year and will help retain the magic of the season.


Monogrammed Toiletry Bag

This is an excellent gift for the professional who is constantly zooming off on short business trips and an ideal Christmas gift that won’t cost a fortune. Opt for a classy faux-leather option here and one that has a million compartments and sections so as to offer as much space as possible for every essential item needed for those brief spells away.


Decorative Butcher Block Cutting Board

Is there someone in your family or friend circle who likes to cook? Perhaps they are hosting you for the Christmas period? So, can you imagine the look of genuine shock, surprise, and happiness when you gift them a cutting board with their name or initials?

The added bonus here is that the butcher block cutting board is not just very useful, especially during the holidays, but it’s also a very stylish addition to the kitchen that oozes a five-star restaurant appeal.


Customized Photo Book

Perhaps you are all going to your parents for Christmas, so why not gift them a customized photo book that includes a ton of priceless pics that will really give this Xmas a warm family feel?

Assemble all the photos you can from fellow family members, then just assemble the book online and add the relevant finishing touches, order it well in advance and then hand it to mum and dad as you arrive and watch their faces light up.


Personalized Family Recipe Book

We love the thought behind this personalized gift. Perhaps your mom and dad are aces in the kitchen or have a number of dishes that bring you back to your childhood; why not adapt the family recipes (including those that have been handed down through the generations) into a swanky cookbook?

You can list the ingredients and instructions and also add a story about each recipe and what it means to you. Get your fellow siblings to join in, and this makes for a very emotional gift to offer this Christmas.


Personalized Star Chart

This is the apex of romantic gifts and a perfect customized present for the Christmas holidays. Here you can get a framed print of how the night sky was positioned when you first met your wife, husband, or partner.

These come in all manner of styles and frames, so you can find and order one that fits your budget. The best thing about this kind of gift is that it has a significance that goes way beyond the season and can be hung in your house for years to come.


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