Blumarine honored with permanent exhibition

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Founder and creative director Anna Molinari has announced the opening of a permanent space dedicated to Blumarine inside the Museum of the City of Carpi. The company was born in the Northern Italian town in 1977, and has stuck close to its roots ever since. 

According to Molinari, the exhibition will feature a multisensory approach, creating “a journey that begins with the materials used to create the garments and arrives to the photographic interpretation of the most important fashion photographers.”

This will include an interactive wardrobe feature that plays on the visual, tactile, aural and even olfactory history of the brand. The exhibition will celebrate the brand’s tailoring, fabrics, and the trademark Blumarine embroidery work, which have made the label “one of the companies that spreads the name of Carpi in the world” according to the city’s mayor Enrico Campedelli. 

The space, located within the museum complex of the Palazzo dei Pio will open with an event Friday evening, April 4.

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