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Bamboo is increasingly used in textile and clothing production and thanks to its minimal environmental impact, bamboo viscose is a material that is here to stay. Most consumers have been in touch with bamboo garments in one way or another, and the demand for clothing made of bamboo viscose is growing every day.

Why is that, you may ask? There are several reasons. One being that bamboo is an environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to conventional cotton. In addition to that, bamboo fibres have a wide range of benefits, meaning that as a consumer you can really physically feel the difference.


Kind to the environment

There are important differences in the production of bamboo compared to the production of ordinary cotton. First of all, bamboo grows incredibly fast and requires no use of pesticides or chemicals. Secondly, bamboo plants don’t need artificial irrigation, which means that the amount of water used when growing bamboo plants is significantly reduced.

Bamboo also contributes to better soil quality, as the soil is left more nutritious and fertile. The plants are even self spreading and since they grow so fast, the farmers can harvest several times a year without replanting.


Gentle for your skin

But bamboo is not only environmentally friendly, bamboo also has a number of good properties that benefits the consumer. Amongst the first things you will probably realise when trying bamboo clothing for the very first time, is the incredible softness and smoothness. But what really distinguishes bamboo fabrics from ordinary cotton for example, is how the bamboo fibres allow the skin to breathe. The fibres are also naturally antibacterial and moisture wicking.

The high breathability makes garments produced in bamboo viscose incredibly gentle on the skin and suitable for everyone. Even people with very sensitive skin. And as the fabric is temperature-regulating as well, you will feel comfortable wearing the garments during both summer heat and on cold winter days. Say farewell to bad odour and smelly feet. The antibacterial advantages of bamboo makes sure no bacteria causing bad odour can live in bamboo fabric. Perfect for both everyday use, work and training.


Wide range of bamboo clothing online

As consumers are getting more and more conscious and more aware of how our everyday choices affect our planet, bamboo clothing is the clothing choice of the future. The wide range of bamboo clothing online consists of everything from sweaters, trousers, shorts, tank tops, underpants, panties and socks to tracksuits and home wear. All garments are made of soft and gentle bamboo for both men, women and children. Stylish and basic clothing in a modern and simple design from well-known brands such as Resteröds, JBS, Frank Dandy, Lindbergh and Bamboo Basics and more. Brands known for producing high quality and sustainable bamboo garments.


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