Are You into Clothing Business? Here Are 8 Ways for Instagram Marketing

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Social media is one of the popular ways of expanding your business. In the era of digitalization, most of the businesses are flourishing because of online media platforms. Instagram can be your best option to make your brand popular among the target public.

This is because people like to know brands on Instagram. They not only follow pages but might buy your products if advertised properly. If you are into the clothing business, then Instagram is the perfect platform for you to expand your business.

In 2019, the Telegraph portrayed Instagram as the showcase platform for the fashion world. As people can choose their preferred clothes online, it not only reaches out to many people but also spreads through a large audience at the same time. When it comes to logo reveal, choosing the young generation is wise as they are more into fashion and they love to explore fashion trends and even startup companies. Use MoneyBrighter to create your LLC company

Why Instagram Is The Best Platform To Expand Your Clothing Business?

Instagram is one of the applications that is mostly used on Smartphone. Therefore, it is not possible for the user’s to visit the website and select a category.

The best way to buy products online is by clicking on any hashtag or interlinked word. These features of Instagram make it easy for companies to promote their products and increase sales.

Instagram stories play an active role in marketing your products. The story swipe ups will direct you to the product page instantly. You can also tag your price in the posts, making it feasible for the buyers to buy the product.

Being one of the populated online platforms, the application can be perfect for startup clothing brands, which help to build communities and connections.

The use of pastel colors in video advertising and marketing can compel buyers to buy your products. In this article, we discuss some of the creative ideas to increase sales through the online platform.

Top 8 Ways For Increasing Traffic And Sales In Your Clothing Business

1: The Power Of User-Based Content

Around 90% of the world population uses Smartphone. More than 70% of people prefer to post selfies on Instagram on a daily basis. It is a trend to share cute outfits and pictures on social media platforms.

When a clothing brand is using Instagram to promote its business, it can easily find and share several users generated Contents and reward them for identifying. The UGC also helps to boost pictures and conversions. With UGC, there is a high chance of turning over 5x to convert customers.

When users wear your brand, you can not only share it and make them popular but also attract customers to your brand. This encourages micro-influencers to buy more products and share them on social platforms attracting more traffic.

2: Encourage The Influencers To Influence

There are various social media influencers who have thousands of followers for fashion or beauty trends. The best way to bring more traffic or receive recognition for your brand is by taking help from these influencers.

You can send them free clothes, and all they have to do is showcase the dress on their profile and mention your company. This strategy is quite common among people and works magically. It is less headache work, and you can quickly reach a million people.

3: Behind The Scene

Sharing a video of your employees making new designs or printing clothes can be interesting to many people. Sharing pictures of your clothes being made can be a story to the audience. These posts not only bring traffic but also strengthens the already established bond.

Suppose you have a client wearing your clothes for an award ceremony or a party, you can share the image on your page and redirect it to her as well to gain people’s attention.

4: Let Your Personality Shine

Instagram is one of the online platforms where people share their emotions and lifestyle. With the type of clothes you wear, the pictures you take defines your personality. The well-established brands do not just share pictures, but they reveal the story that people will love in it.

This helps them by forming a brand personality and trust among customers. Many companies give away their clothes to travelers who can share their entire journey in different clothes from the same brand.

5: Use The Instagram Features Properly

Instagram is in the market for a long time. However, it has developed and outgrown into one of the best selling online platforms in the past few years. The Instagram stories help the users to create beautiful snap stories and share them among friends.

These stories disappear after twenty-four hours. But did you know that this feature is a lot more fun for brands having more than 10k followers? People can simply buy the product only by the “swipe up” option. Thus, you can not only see it but if you want it, you can immediately get it for yourself.

6: Tagging Products

The best part about Instagram is that you can shop as many as you want. You can post any content and tag your products in the posts. This helps the customers to click and visit the product page through the tags. It is the best Instagram feature for increasing sales.

7: Video Movements

In the first 24 hours, after the launch of new video posts by Instagram, more than 5 million videos were uploaded by the users. The audience loves to see videos either of a brand or just personal.

Almost 80% of Instagram users are fond of moving pictures. If you do not know about the power of Instagram videos, you will miss the bigger picture of branding.

8: Instagram Ads

Advertising your products on Instagram can be highly beneficial as it is proven to be effective. Introducing your ads in the online platform will drive the users to watch the video and might even know a little more from your website.

So, these are the top eight ways to boost your clothing business on Instagram.


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