A Fashionista’s Guide on How to Experience Luxury Travel

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Experiencing luxury travel is many people’s dream, but with the advent of the internet, people have been able to access more and more hotels, homestays and rentals that provide the experience of the most fashionable luxury travel destinations on a budget. This guide is here to help every fashionista experience luxury travel without breaking the bank.

Travel Off-Season

One of the best ways to experience the most fashionable luxury travel destinations is to travel during an off-season. The majority of the more popular travel destinations have an on and an off season. During off-season, lots of hotels, restaurants and other tourist and hospitality industries lower their prices due to a lack of travellers. Deciding to travel during the off-season is one of the best ways to experience luxury travel destinations at a reduced rate.

Find Last-Minute Deals

According to the Independent, hotels have an average occupancy rate of 65% – meaning one in three rooms typically go unoccupied. Hotels and airlines would rather offer tickets and rooms at a reduced rate than leave them empty, which means that booking last minute is a great way to experience luxury travel on a budget. It does require a little bit of spontaneity though, so doing this is not great for more nervous travellers who like to have a solid itinerary planned out months in advance. Being open to new experiences and going where the deal takes you will make it more than possible to find last-minute luxury travel deals to suit your budget.

Pack Your Fashion Essentials Without Blowing Your Budget

Part of having a fashionista luxury travel experience is about looking the part – this helps you to feel more at one with your chosen luxury setting. However, it is not a good idea to rely on purchasing your outfits when you are at your destination, as luxury resorts also come with high price tags. In the same line, it is also not good to blow your budget before you arrive – this will mean you don’t have the money to afford experiences when you are traveling. The ultimate travel pack tool from CashLady has been designed to help luxury fashionista pack on a budget. Interactive tools like that help you find the fashion essentials you need without falling victim to resort price gouges.

Dress for the Plane

The best way to start off a luxury travel experience is with an upgraded plane ticket. The best way to start off a budget luxury travel experience is to get one on the cheap or for free! To win yourself an upgraded plane ticket you should dress for the plane – this means forgoing comfy tracksuits for something a little more smart and stylish.

Looking smart and fashionable when travelling means that you are more likely to be bumped up if there are any spare seats going in first or business class. Something else to consider is that stewards often don’t get much thanks for their work, so if you bring them a little treat like a box of chocolates to share, they are more likely to treat you like the high-flying fashionista you really are.


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