7 Tried and Tested Style Tips for Surviving Summer

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Summer is all about letting loose and spending days in warm, sunny weather. But sometimes, we choose off-season clothing that can leave us feeling uncomfortable in the sweltering heat. When dressing for the summer, you should pick pieces that allow you to easily move around, whether it’s at the beach, a pool party, or a night out with friends. However, that doesn’t mean you should substitute style for comfort. In this article, we’ll be giving you some tips to help you put together outfits that can keep you cool, comfy, and stylish all summer long.


Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes

Rising temperatures require clothing that doesn’t constrict airflow. Pick clothes that allow room for your body to expel heat and prevent sweat from accumulating. Wear looser garments such as rompers, oversized blouses, button-downs, and crop tops.

Dresses are always perfect for the summer. Aside from being highly breathable, they are easy items to style when you can’t decide on an outfit. This season, bring out those shift dresses, sundresses, and minidresses from your closet. Long skirts, maxi dresses, and tie-front dresses are also stylish options for an ensemble that can provide enough air circulation to cool your body.


Ditch The Denim

Denim is a heavy fabric that traps your body heat. Instead of wearing jeans, go for lightweight fabrics such as cotton or linen. If you really must wear denim, opt for wide-leg bottoms or boyfriend jeans that allow a bit of air to move around.

Although tight clothes are generally not recommended for summer, it’s still a great idea to invest in tights or leggings. These items can be paired with short clothing on blustery days when the wind is more likely to catch your skirt or dress. You can also wear tights to prevent chafing while wearing shorts or skirts, plus they keep you from feeling too exposed and cover up your legs if you don’t want to shave. And you know that feeling when you get so sweaty that you stick to your chair? The tights can help with that as well. It would be a good idea to buy antimicrobial tights that prevent the accumulation of odor-causing bacteria from sweat. Antimicrobial tights are great, especially for people who work out or sweat a lot.


Go Light, Bright, and Patterned

White and light-colored pieces reflect sun rays and don’t absorb as much heat as compared to darker-colored clothes. Wearing warm, bright, or neutral tones can also boost your mood and make you feel calmer or more cheerful.

If you’re more into patterns, you can use the summer weather as an excuse to wear printed fabrics. Patterned clothing makes your outfit eye-catching and can help camouflage sweat stains, especially if they’re large or busy patterns.


Wear Minimal Accessories

We all love accessories, but wearing too much can weigh you down. Hot days also tend to make accessories stick to the skin, so keep it minimal this summer. Instead of piling up those chunky shoes, jewelry, and bags, pick one statement piece such as hoop earrings or a gorgeous necklace.


Opt for ‘Breathable’ Footwear

Summer is also the time to let your feet breathe. Flip-flops are best for beachwear, but leather sandals can make you look more dressed up. Strappy sandals and espadrilles are also fashionable alternatives to keep your feet comfortable and dry.

If you need to dress up for the office, wear closed-toe shoes such as ballet flats or loafers. Pairing them with moisture-wicking socks can also keep your feet free from sweat.


Wear Sleeveless Pieces or Loose-Sleeve Clothes

Dressing for the summer usually means wearing fewer garments to suit the heat and humidity. Sleeveless or off-shoulder pieces are well-known summer staples, but you can opt for short-sleeve or puff-sleeve pieces if you’re not comfortable with baring your arms and shoulders. Dresses, button-downs, or blouses with short or no sleeves should definitely be in your wardrobe this summer.


Keep Your Layers in Handy

Workplace settings and formal events may require you to comply with a dress code, even in the summer. If you need to go from your air-conditioned office to the heat of the street, wear pieces that you can easily remove or put on depending on the temperature. Consider wearing cotton cardigans, seersucker suits, or light-colored linen blazers on top of a work-appropriate summer co ords outfit that can help you easily adapt from a cold office to an al fresco lunch meeting.

Layering can also help with potential drawbacks that come with common summer garments. If you’re going to wear near-transparent fabrics, put on a fitted top, crop top, or underskirt that has a similar color to your clothes or skin. You can also layer open-back pieces with bralettes or bandeau tops.


Don’t Let Your Clothes Get in the Way of Summer

Summer should be your chance to relax in the sunny weather and enjoy the warmth. And if the heat becomes unbearable, you shouldn’t let your wardrobe choices ruin the fun. This summer, be sure to follow these tips so you can put together stylish outfits without giving up that much-needed comfort when the days start to get hotter.


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