5 Tips For Managing Frizzy Hair

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One of the most frequent hair problems most women face is managing frizzy hair. Everyone has been through that struggle of seeing themselves in the mirror with hair looking like a bird’s nest. Whether it’s because of excess heat, humidity, or that’s just the way your hair is, managing and figuring out to alleviate frizzy hair is like a puzzle that you can’t seem to solve. Thus, many women end up getting used to it and learn to accept the frizz.

Yes, frizzy hair is normal, and it happens to everyone. But that doesn’t mean there’s no solution for it. To know how to deal with and manage your frizzy hair, you need to understand what’s prompting your hair to frizz in the first place.

You can easily tell you’ve got frizzy hair because these strands tend to divert from the rest of your hair’s natural pattern. It will stick out irregularly, causing a shaggy and disorganized hair look. Some of the general causes of frizzy hair include hair dryness, excess moisture or humidity from the air, and damaged hair due to unhealthy hair habits. Most people don’t know it but it is the way they take care of their hair – or lack of way – that makes it frizzy.

That’s why this article will explain five tips to help you manage your frizzy hair and avoid some of the bad hair habits you’ve been doing your entire life:


Hair Treatments 


Are you feeling stressed by your frizzy hair? For a quick solution, you can pamper yourself with a visit to a salon and schedule a keratin treatment. This treatment will ensure that your hair will get back to its natural smoothness and glossiness, right where it’s meant to be. Once done, it’s up to you to maintain these good results by using a hydrating hair mask at least once a week. This will help in keeping your hair moisturized and ensuring that your hair cuticles remain sealed.


Avoid Taking Hot Showers 


Sometimes, frizzy hair can happen due to your shower habits. Most of you love the feeling of being under hot showers and staying there for a while. Unfortunately, your hair doesn’t like that idea at all. The hot temperature will only cause your cuticles to open, which means your hair follicle will need more moisture. Excess moisture in the hair follicle is the biggest contributor to hair breakage and frizzy hair strands. To avoid your hair from such dilemma, turn down the temperature and keep it hair-friendly.


Get A Haircut


Another way to get rid of those dry, frizzy hair ends is by cutting them off. Split ends and frizzy hair ends can travel up your entire hair strand, leading to more frizz, dryness and hair breakage. As soon as you start noticing your hair having infinite split ends, it’s best to have it trimmed right away before the damage travels to the rest of your hair.


Make Conditioner Your Friend


I you have dry, frizzy hair, washing it three or more times a week might be just a bit too much for it to handle. It’s best if you only wash it at least once or twice a week. Moreover, it’s not recommended to use shampoo every single time you take a shower. Shampoos can sometimes contain harsh chemicals which can strip your hair of its natural oils, making your hair even dryer. Conditioners consist of small amounts of oil, which can help nourish and smoothen your hair’s frizz. If you are using shampoo, make sure you always condition afterwards and for extra care you can use conditioner on its own too.


Use Nourishing Hair Oil


One way to keep your hair healthy and frizz-free is by frequently nourishing it with hair oils. Hair oils can help smoothen your hair by adding shine and glossiness. These oils can penetrate your hair cuticle, moisturizing from your scalp to your dry ends. Some of the most recommended natural hair oils are coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and almond oil.  Drop one to three drops in your palms and massage the oil over your scalp and down to the ends of your hair.


Take Down That Frizz!

Getting rid of frizzy hair can be frustrating but it’s not impossible. Make sure you know the root cause behind your frizzy hair and work these tips into your hair care routine. Make sure the hair products you use suit your hair type, and most importantly, be consistent in going through these tips. Don’t let the frizz rule over your hair. Take frizz down and get the perfect hair you’ve always wanted to have.


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