5 Crystals That Will Help Your Stresses And Anxiety Melt Away

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You may be an 80-year-old or an 8-year-old, but stress is an issue that can affect both of you. Stress is universal and is bounded by no age. If you have anxiety, too, you are not alone because, according to estimates, almost 1 in 13 people are anxiety survivors- you are Not Alone!

While doctors, therapy, and exercise are a great help, and we can never discount them, you can add crystals to your life.

Crystals are called crystal healing stones for a reason – they have the power to heal you. Today let’s look at some of the crystals that can help you alleviate all that stress away.



One of the most popular crystals around these days is amethyst.

This crystal is not only gorgeous, but it is also gentle and soothing to the body. Because this particular gemstone has a calming energy, if you have one nearby, it may do wonders for combating mood swings and increasing your sense of mental clarity all at once!

Crystals are great for manipulating one’s energy somehow or another – depending on what kind you have. For example, if you are feeling exhausted or anxious, having a crystal that will help energize your body can help contribute to your overall sense of well-being.


Black Tourmaline 

You just got a new watch, laptop and phone. Yay! Isn’t it great to have the latest technology?

You’re proud of yourself for splurging on something shiny. But wait–there is a drawback. All these electronic gadgets make a buzz. They give off electromagnetic waves (EMFs). Yes, they do!

But don’t discard your gadgets yet. There’s hope. And that’s where this wonder comes into play – Black Tourmaline Crystal.

Black tourmaline is a crystal that acts as a shield from all of those non-beneficial EMFs. It’s also an especially great choice to have near you if you’re prone to experiencing panic attacks.


Rose Quartz 

Rose quartz is the crystal of universal love. These crystals can be found worldwide, and hence, they are not pocket pinch. Rose quartz works on your heart chakra and gently works at your root chakra, which is great because it helps with your anxiety. If your anxiety is due to heartache or a loss of loved ones or pain and fear, then this crystal will help wonders for you. You can place one beside your bed or keep one small tumble below your pillow to welcome love and peace in your life.


Blue Lace Agate 

When you first look at blue lace agate, many people see a pretty crystal, but it is so much more than that! Blue lace agate has several healing powers. For example, if you have been going through a lot of emotional distress or anxiety, blue lace agate slices will help calm your nerves and relieve some of the tension associated with those things.

It helps to open up one’s spiritual connections and strengthen one’s intuition. It also assists in alleviating stress and anxiety that we try to get on top of us daily.



Selenite is a dainty white gemstone, but its effects are anything but dainty. It uses your energy to create a sensation of peace and quiet. It clears the air of negativity and is useful in any setting. You may use a selenite crystal lamp in your house to get the advantages, and the faint glow it emits is soothing and peaceful, perfect for hygge. However, avoid getting selenite wet because it can melt in water the same way that sugar does!



Don’t stress too much about finding the perfect crystal. The crystal you want is out there. Just wait for the right one and the right time. The crystal for you will make you feel light, free and happy and help you get rid of that stress baggage you are carring


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