4 Ways to style jewellery

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Whether it’s a piece of statement jewellery or an added subtle metallic detail, there are lots of ways to style the jewellery you already own. Keep reading for 4 tips and tricks on how to make jewellery seem like a perfect part of your outfit and avoid it looking out of place.


1 – Layer up

Create a bolder impact by layering up your jewellery rather than just wearing individual pieces. It’s important to carefully consider how each piece will look against its counterparts to make sure they all flow together. For example, if you’re looking to layer necklaces, invest in some staple pieces to add to the mix, incorporate colour through charms and crystals, and experiment with different weights, thicknesses, and textures. You’ll be a layering pro in no time at all!


2 – Add earrings

Many tend to forget about earrings since they can easily fade into the background. However, it’s worth remembering just how much earrings can add to a look. Small studs can help tie your outfit together and are perfect for everyday outfits and more professional settings, hoops make your outfit bolder which is great for special occasions and date nights, and men’s diamond earrings can add edge to your look. All are simple to style and can add so much more to a finished ensemble.


3 – Make it match

A great way to ensure your jewellery choices really packs a punch is to match them to your outfit. Picking jewellery based on the colour, fabric and neckline of what you’re wearing will effortlessly bring it all together. Similarly, matching your chosen jewellery to the occasion will also help you narrow down what to put on. Keep it professional at work by matching your work outfit with more simple jewellery styles while going bold on nights out with bright colours and chunkier options.


4 – Mix metals

Having to stick to the same metal for everything to match is a total myth. In fact, mixing metals is a great way to make your jewellery stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s mixing gold tones with silver-plated pieces, or even adding in a hint of rose gold, add more depth to your look by mixing metals. Not sure where to begin? Start by choosing which plating best matches your skin tone. 

Knowing how to style your jewellery can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Especially when you’re trying to weigh up various factors like the outfit, occasion, and even practicality. By layering up signature pieces, adding earrings, matching jewellery to your outfit and the occasion, and mixing together metals, you can quickly and easily style all the beautiful jewellery pieces you already own – and know what to look out for the next time you go jewellery shopping as well!

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