2020 Lifestyle Changes You Should Know About

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With 2020, a new decade has started, and that means that expectations, in all areas of life, are high. Are you already up to date with the latest trends that will influence your life in the new year and the new decade? The focus is changing, and being aware of how society and individuals will adapt to these novelties will help you stay on top of your game.

From self-improvement to self-care

One significant change you will see is a new focus on wellness and self-care. For years and years, younger and younger generations have been pressured to be better, but where has that led? Apparently, more and more people feel exhausted, burned out, and incapable of operating anymore in this paradigm of perpetual – and never enough – self-improvement.

It’s time for a significant change. 2020 starts a new trend that puts self-care and wellness above self-improvement. So, it may be the right time to throw all those books touting the importance of work and betterment in the trashcan and head over for the spa.

Forget about exhausting workout routines that leave you breathless. Forget about long hours at work for a meager raise. 2020 is the year when your focus should be on you and only you.

From superfoods to super-superfoods

What could be above superfoods? They are already known to be excellent sources of vitamin C, give us energy for days, and help us stay fit. Is it possible for superfoods to have a serious competition? Apparently, yes, and that’s another trend that starts this year and gives you the insight you need to be the best you can be (and that, without exercising or working yourself to death).

Introducing super-superfoods. Pineapple may be a great source of vitamin C, but have you heard of Siberian pineapple? It has 15 times more of this fantastic vitamin when compared to oranges, and it might have an active role in combating cancer. That’s just an example, and super-superfoods are bound to make it to your table this year.

From eco-conscious to eco-shaming

How is your carbon footprint? If you already feel a bit of shame creeping in, you’re not the only one. From fashion to travel habits, eco-conscious activities are taking over, but is it enough? It looks like environmentalists don’t believe it’s enough, so the militants will only have more work to do.

The focus will progress toward eco-shaming as a thing. Social media already plays a significant role in how it can be used as a vehicle for showing what people are doing wrong in their relationship with the environment.

From reality to virtual reality

This trend goes hand in hand with the focus on the environment, as it offers people the ability to enjoy places that are as remote from them as they can be with the help of virtual reality. From the top alternatives you have, you can choose hotels, spas, restaurants, and beautiful vistas, all possible to explore from home.

With traveling being costly and bad for the environment, you can start reducing your footprint by enjoying these virtual delights without leaving your couch. Of course, you can’t expect a full-fledged holodeck like in Star Trek just yet, but the technology is moving fast, and that means that you are closer to such an experience than you may suspect.

From the human hive to meaningful connections

Social media will see some changes starting this year, too. While until now, the focus was to become connected with as many people as possible without any criteria, it will take a side step. People will start to value meaningful connections, instead, and that will shape up social media, too.


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