13 Stylish Summer Alternatives to Regular Old Denim Jeans

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Whenever we think of summer, we likely think of the great outdoors. And when we step outside of our homes during the first few balmy days of this season, our default attire is likely a trusty old pair of denim jeans.

Sure, denim goes well with a panoply of tops and shoes, but there’s a whole world of stylish and comfortable bottoms that you can wear for summer as an alternative to your favorite pairs of denim jeans. Here are just some of them:


Leggings are perfect for summer because they are lighter than your usual denim while offering a more snug and secure fit. Thus, they provide great comfort and protection from the elements. They won’t weigh you down as you go out and about, eating a picnic in the park or hiking a few steps up a hill. Wear them with a fresh cotton t-shirt and a pair of nice sneakers, and you’re ready for the active outdoor lifestyle.

If you do miss the look of blue jeans, you can still achieve it by wearing denim leggings. This ingenious design provides you the familiar color of denim with the comfort of leggings. If you’re new to this trend and are wondering where to buy denim leggings, you can easily find them online and at your favorite boutiques. Denim leggings are a great compromise if you find yourself still addicted to the habit of donning a pair of jeans whenever you go out during summer.


Tights are a bit thinner than leggings, with some products being more sheer than the latter. However, they offer good comfort, style, and protection nonetheless. Remember, though, that tights are typically not worn alone and that they are best donned under a skirt or a dress. You should avoid wearing open toe shoes with tights, too, if the particular product you have does not terminate at the ankle and cover your entire feet. For summer, you can go with fun-colored, bright tights that you can pair with canvas shoes, a pleated cheerleader skirt, and a cool crop top.


These can be considered the ultimate in comfort and mobility during summer, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. Skorts combine the freedom of a skirt with the modesty of a pair of shorts, built into one convenient piece of clothing. Thus, it is also a great idea to pack one into your luggage when you go on one of your summer excursions. Skorts are versatile enough to be paired with any kind of casual shoes and tops.


A great way to keep a polished and professional look during summer is to wear slacks. Paired with a crisp, white, button-down shirt and some ballet flats, you will look effortlessly chic yet comfy. Slacks come in a variety of colors, but for summer, it’s best to stick to earth colors such as khaki or light green so you can keep your cool under the sun. An all-white summer ensemble that incorporates a pair of slacks is definitely an eye-catching and elegant look.



This type of one-piece clothing is often seen in children’s apparel, but there’s no stopping adults from wearing it as well. Summer is just the perfect time to try one out because it just screams fun and playfulness. All you need to pull off an overall or jumper is a plain cotton t-shirt on top and a pair of comfortable casual shoes, and you’ll be ready for any adventure. You can simply roll up the legs of the jumper if they’re too long, and then you can unfasten one or both buttons of the bib to feel more cool and comfy under heat of the sun.


This is another type of one-piece apparel that can be more formal and presentable. You can opt for a stylish silk or jersey pantsuit at the office as an alternative to stuffy suits during summer. The great thing about wearing a pantsuit is that you can still go for a glamorous look by wearing high heels or pumps, and accessorizing with fine jewelry. A pantsuit can easily carry you from the office desk to the restaurant dining table any summer day.


Capris are bottom garments that fall mid-calf in length. They can be tailored and snug, in which case, they are also called clam diggers. However, they can also be wider and more flared. Capri pants are a definite summer staple because they allow more room for your legs to breathe, and they’re the perfect compromise between shorts and pants. On days when you can’t decide which one to wear, capris are the answer!


Culottes are a type of pants that have wider legs and are made of softer, more flowing fabric. Thus, they are ideal for warm weather because they feel more airy and comfortable. Culottes are a great idea for work meetings or activities during summer. You can still look prim and proper pairing it with a blazer and pumps, and yet you’ll feel confidently cool at the same time.

Linen Pants

Cotton linen is a classic fabric for summer because of its loose weave that allows air to circulate and cool your body. It’s the best textile to use for a sharp, tailored summer suit or a pair of dress pants. It’s also versatile enough to wear to the office or to a beach wedding. Once you’ve discovered linen pants for summer, you may never go back to wearing thick, heavy jeans again.

Technical Pants

Athleisure is a big trend these days, and it’s especially appropriate during the hot summer months. After all, getting sweaty while running around and doing errands is pretty much the same as having a good workout, so why not wear gym-inspired technical clothing while you’re at it? Pants made of high-tech, sweat-wicking fabric are a great alternative to jeans in the summer. It can help you avoid body odor while keeping you dry and comfy.


Jogging pants are another type of athleisure wear that are ideal for summer. Compared to the designs of yesteryears, however, joggers these days are more slim, more sleek, and they are cuffed more stylishly at the ankles. They are also usually made of technical fabrics that offer the benefit of keeping moisture away from your skin. You can wear them on a day out strolling at the mall or for dinner at night with friends. They are best paired with sneakers and a nice, loose t-shirt.

Tailored Shorts

The key to buying shorts is in choosing a well-made pair that looks sharp and modest, yet still provides ample room and freedom of movement. It’s best to go for tailored or made-to-measure shorts especially for that elegant look—think afternoon cocktails on a yacht or dinner by the poolside. A nice blouse and sandals would complete this kind of summer look perfectly.

Board Shorts

For more casual, outdoor occasions, consider board shorts instead? It’s the perfect option for a day at the beach if you don’t prefer to don a revealing swimsuit. It’s also just the right attire if you are the sporty type who loves to surf. There are board shorts specifically designed and made for women, with an almost endless array of designs and colors to choose from.


During summer, dressing for comfort may be the top priority, but it doesn’t mean you have to look predictable or unpresentable. There are a lot of stylish Jeans alternatives to your usual favorite pair of jeans, whether it be for work or for leisure. Don’t be afraid to experiment and to go for different looks; you might just be surprised at the pleasant outcomes of your summer fashion choices.

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