The Untouchables (1987)

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Films have long since been credited for helping designers become household names. Suit guru Armani was no different. Having provided the wardrobe for many films including The Untouchables, he transformed the suit from boring business wear into a sexy wardrobe essential. Marylin Vance, known for films such as Pretty Woman and the Breakfast Club, was nominated for both and Oscar and a bafta for this film. She managed to create an authentic 1930s gangsta style that was also classic and timeless. The men’s costumes showed their personalities, some in three piece suits and fedoras and some in tweed jackets over cardigans and flat caps or suede bomber jackets. Armani, along with Vance and the actors themselves managed to make this film a fashion feast. Robert de Niro is said to have tracked down some of Al Capone’s original tailors and had them make him some clothes for the film, and he insisted on wearing the silk underwear the gangster wore even though it was never seen on film to further the authenticity of his portrayal.


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