Chinatown (1974)

1970s Fashion in Films Chinatown

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Chinatown is a neo-noir film directed by Roman Polanski (also known for Rosemary’s Baby and The Pianist), considered so for featuring many aspects typical of a noir classic; particularly a multi-layered story that is part mystery and part psychological drama and the presence of a femme fatale.

Jack Nicholson plays a private detective hired by Evelyn Mulwray to find out if her husband is cheating on her, only to discover Mrs. Mulwray is an impersonator and gets caught up in a web of deceit, murder and betrayal.

Faye Dunnaway who plays the real Mrs. Mulwray is mysterious, seductive woman who wears the typical attire of a femme fatal, dark colours, tight pencil skirts and trilby or skullcap hats with black lace veils while in mourning for her murdered husband. Jack Nicholson’s character is never without a three piece suit and matching fedora, enhancing the noir characteristics.


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