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1960s Fashion in Films Bonnie and Clyde

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Theadora Von Runkle translated the lives and style of the 1930s gang duo into stylish and classy for this movie released in 1967. The real Bonnie and Clyde were shabby chic in functional dress typical of the 1930s depression era, and von Runkle took the best bits to ensure Warren Beatty and Faye Dunnaway became style icons as a result.

Beatty in his 3 button suits, crisp white shirts and Fedora looked every bit the glamorous bad boy who doesn’t like to get his hands dirty with convention, but more so, Dunnaway somehow managed to add class to the bank robber’s legend, donned in cable knit sweaters with low v-necks teamed with a mid-length skirt. After the movies success the “midi” increased in popularity as a skirt length for a brief time until women became once again convinced of the more flattering mini.

The main event was the beret, a leftover from the real Bonnie Parker that Von Runkle though brought a little extra to the outfits. Faye Dunnaway expressed her surprise at the success of the films costume in 1995 when she said: “Everywhere I went, people looked like me, wearing berets or whatever I was wearing. It was strange. But it was great, too.”


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