Renaissance refers to a cultural movement that generally lasted from the 14th to the 17th century. The movement began in Italy and later spread to the rest of Europe, and was responsible for hugely advancing both art and literature. Fashion during the Renaissance period was renowned for being incredibly elaborate, and also for championing the high-waist. Gowns usually comprised of several garments and were incredibly complex in construction yet still followed the blueprint silhouette of tight bodice and full skirt. Oversized sleeves and ruffles were also popular amongst this period, and sleeve detailing was highly exaggerated, often featuring puffed sleeves or intricate cuffs. Couturiers often reference the elaborate gowns of the Renaissance period, and the extravagant look can still be found in fashion today.

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Written by Jacob Hall

Jacob Hall is a modern languages student currently working freelance as a fashion journalist. Can generally be found lurking around the Givenchy menswear section of the Birmingham Bullring!

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