Prehistory refers to the period of time before recorded history, although it usually refers more specifically to the time when humans existed but their activity wasn’t recorded. Many people consider prehistoric fashion and immediately conjure up the clichéd image of a cavewoman draped in a loincloth, yet this archetype isn’t necessarily accurate. Whilst women had to make do with the resources available (namely animal-skin and fur), wool was also readily available and often-used. Garment fabrication techniques were extremely basic, but in general the use of animal-print can be dated to the prehistoric era. The use of animal-print is still frequent in modern fashion, with designers such as Philip Lim and Missoni making it a recurring trend.

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Written by Jacob Hall

Jacob Hall is a modern languages student currently working freelance as a fashion journalist. Can generally be found lurking around the Givenchy menswear section of the Birmingham Bullring!

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