Peep Toe


A peep toe shoe is a type of shoe that has an opening at the toe-box at the front of the shoe. The style of the peep toe allows the toes to show through, reason why of its name, as the toes are visibly peeping through the shoe. Peep toe shoes were popular in the 1940s but disappeared by the 1960’s. They had a brief comeback in the 1970s-80s before falling out of fashion by the mid 1990s. More recently, they have made a comeback. The peep toe style has also been mixed with different styles of shoes like peep toe dolly shoes, peep toe ankle boots, peep toe wedges and even more new styles of fashionable footwear. Peep toe shoes have been showcased in Designer brand Temperley spring/summer 2012 collection. The collection shows very feminine styles.

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Written by Paige Carter

Paige Carter, studying footwear and accessories at Northampton University. She has passion and eye for footwear and loves handbags and enjoys fashion writing and blogging. Ambitions to be a shoes and accessories designer. Paige is part of Catwalk yourself writing the shoes dictionary section.

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