Tricotine fabric is a twill weave fabric. It is very hard-wearing and can be characterised by having a flat, diagonal double rib. Tricotine is very similar to Cavalry twill fabric as they are both woven from worsted yarns, but Tricotine is much finer. More frequently, however, a cotton warp is used with a worsted weft, although various synthetic fibres can be used. Tricotine is used mainly in suits, dresses, coats, jackets and trousers. It is a luxurious, soft fabric with a criso handle and an elegant drape.

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  1. I purchased a vintage trapeze coat that was labeled tricotine. It was more like a wool crepe weave. Unfortunately, I hand washed it and it started degrading into a powder. Really weird. Do you have any idea what could account for the fabric behaving that way?

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