Mihara Yasuhiro

Mihara Yasuhiro biography

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Born: Kyushu Island, Japan, 1972

Mihara Yasuhiro entered the fashion industry while still studying at the Tama Art University in Tokyo. He created his first shoe collection in 1994, which were praised for the modern and innovative style.

In 1997 Yasuhiro launched his label ‘Miharayasuhiro’. The following year he opened his first store named ‘SOSU’.  In 1998 Yasuhiro decided to expand his business and added menswear to the company.

He began a successful long-term collaboration with Puma in 2000. The following year Yasuhiro launched Puma’s bestselling Black Label. The partnership has seen Yasuhiro adding unexpected fabrics to the sportswear aesthetic including sneakers embellished with fur, studs and metalics.

Yasuhiro entered the luxury fashion market with his menswear label. Internationally launched in 2004, Yasuhiro presented his first men’s collection in Milan. The collection then presented in Milan for four seasons, before moving to Paris.

Yasuhiro’s spring/summer09 collection gained critical acclaim. Menstyle.com named it one the top ten greatest men’s designer collections shown at Paris.

The portfolio now offers jewellery, sunglasses, accessories and womenswear. The womenswear spring/summer10 collection was shown in Tokyo.

Designer Biography Mihara Yasuhiro

Yasuhiro’s spring/summer12 collection was directly inspired by his favourite song Pink Floyd’s ‘Wish You Were Here’. Yasuhiro didn’t present the collection on runway, but instead held a showroom presentation. The money saved was donated to charities supporting those directly affected by the tsunami in Japan.

Mihara Yasuhiro is known for his signature style of monochromatic, urban clothing. With global stores in Europe, Japan, the US, Asia and Africa, Yasuhiro’s sporty, avant-garde aesthetic has propelled his company into becoming a global success. Easily balancing innovation with good design, Yasuhiro’s collaboration with Puma offers wildly inventive sneakers.

Mihara Yasuhiro Biography

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