Federico Piaggi & Stefano Citron

Designer Biography Federico Piaggi & Stefano Citron

Neither came from a fashion background. Stefano Citron started working in photography before changing career to follow fashion. Federico Piaggi studied architecture before dedicating himself to couture.

The designers worked together at Mila Schon before leaving to work at Byblos with Greg Myler. The trio worked alongside each other as creative directors before their departure in 2006.

After luxury fashion house Gianfranco Ferré fired its creative director, Citron and Piaggi were hired as part of the design team to help create the spring 2011 collection. Their designs for the collection were well received but, due to the company failing to ship the products on time, most of the orders were cancelled.

After eight months working unofficially as creative directors, Citron and Piaggi were formally appointed in November 2011.

Their first women’s collection for Gianfranco Ferré conveyed the duos overwhelming elegance and use of colour. Inspired by Ferré’s heritage, the collection saw clean and architectural lines with sexy twists.

The professionally bonded couple, an inseparable and complementary design duo, encompasses the qualities mentioned above and speaks, designs, and tells the story of Haute Couture, projects, and luxury prêt-à-porter through their collections.

As the Official Fashion Designers for Womenswear and Accessories at Gianfranco Ferrè from 2011 to 2013, and continuing to be highly involved consultants and official designers for several global luxury brands, Piaggi and Citron exemplify the essence of true fashion designers. Their expertise and design skills are rooted in a strong, solid, and substantial cultural foundation, with a keen and objective eye towards the future.

Federico Piaggi & Stefano Citron Biography

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