Founded by Charaf Tajer in 2018

In the ever-evolving world of high-end fashion, there’s a name that has carved a unique niche for itself—Casablanca. Founded by the creative visionary Charaf Tajer in 2018, this brand has disrupted the fashion scene by seamlessly blending leisurewear with elevated design, creating a harmonious fusion of comfort and opulence that’s nothing short of remarkable.

Charaf Tajer, a native of France, embarked on a journey to create Casablanca, drawing inspiration from his Moroccan heritage. His goal was clear: to capture the timeless elegance and sophistication of his cultural roots while infusing it into leisurewear. The result? A brand that not only redefines luxury sportswear but also invites fashion enthusiasts to explore a world where comfort and opulence coexist.

Casablanca made its grand entrance into the fashion world with a debut collection that left a lasting impression. The brand’s very name evokes images of romantic Moroccan travels and is a testament to the exotic allure it brings to its collections. With each garment, Casablanca effortlessly encapsulates the essence of a leisurely lifestyle, all while maintaining an undercurrent of luxury.

Casablanca’s dedication to craftsmanship and quality is evident in every stitch and detail. Premium materials such as silk, cashmere, and velvet are carefully chosen to craft leisurewear pieces that exude sophistication and comfort. Bold, vibrant prints and intricate embroidery, inspired by both North African and French influences, grace the brand’s collections. It’s this meticulous attention to detail, perfectly tailored silhouettes, and a strong commitment to sustainable and ethical production that have endeared Casablanca to a discerning clientele.

Casablanca’s influence extends far beyond clothing. The brand has broadened its offerings to include accessories and footwear, showcasing its versatility and creativity. Collaborations with renowned brands have added an exciting dimension to Casablanca’s portfolio, proving its ability to push the boundaries of luxury sportswear.

At its core, Casablanca is more than just a fashion brand; it’s a celebration of cultural heritage and a means of storytelling. Charaf Tajer’s vision is clear—to inspire individuals to embrace a lifestyle where leisure seamlessly meets luxury. In a world where fashion often leans towards extravagance, Casablanca reminds us that true luxury lies in the harmonious coexistence of comfort and refinement.

As Casablanca continues to expand its global presence, it challenges conventional notions of high-end fashion. With its fusion of French elegance and North African heritage, Casablanca invites you to explore a world where every garment tells a story, where cultural heritage is celebrated through the art of fashion. In this unique realm, comfort and opulence walk hand in hand, reminding us that true luxury is a beautiful blend of both.

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