Founded by John Emary in 1851

Established in 1851, John Emary opened a luxury menswear shop at 46 Regent Street, London. Emary invented the first waterproof cloth in 1853, which he used to create male raincoats.  With his discovery patented, Emery renamed the company Aquascutum after the Latin word for water shield.

King Edward VII was Aquascutum’s first royal client, ordering a coat in Prince of Wales Check. The Company received a royal warrant in 1987, marking the Royal Family’s long patronage of the company.

In 1900, Aquascutum launched a womenswear line offering water repellent designs. The following year, Aquascutum moved to 100 Regent Street in the heart of London and the building remains Aquascutum’s flagship store today.

Aquascutum provided trench coats during both World Wars, providing garments for soldiers of all ranks.

During its history, the Company has developed and produced new fabrics such as  Eiderscutum, a light fabric and Aquaspectrum, a multi coloured wool-yarn weave.

During the fifties, the brand developed a more fashionable ready-to-wear style that is the mark of the label today.

The Company was family owned until 1990 when Renown Incorporated, a Japanese textile Company, purchased it.

In 2006, Aquascutum appointed Kim Winser as president and chief executive officer. Currently Micheal Herz and Graeme Fidler are design heads for the Company.

In 2008 the holding Company Renown, announced they would sell the Company. Kim Winser launched a corporate buy out which failed and he left shortly afterwards.  Subsequently, in 2009, Harold Tillman bought the business.

Famous for its coats and suiting, the past decade saw Pierce Brosnan, Brett Anderson, Gisele Bündchen and Jamie Dornan all model for Aquascutum. The Company also started offering tailoring by Saville Row tailor Nick Hart.

With a strong British heritage, Aquascutum is renown for producing waterproof clothing that is luxuriously tailored with an elegant style. Once the uniform of the Hollywood elite and British politicians, past wearers have included Sophia Loren, Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, Michael Caine, Winston Churchill and three Princes of Wales.

In 2011, Acquascutum collaborated with esteemed British designer Timothy Everest, creating a collection that merged traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. However, the brand faced challenges in subsequent years, undergoing changes in ownership and management.

In 2017, the company was acquired by Chinese fashion company YGM Trading, breathing new life into the brand. Under YGM Trading’s stewardship, Acquascutum unveiled its Spring/Summer collection in 2018, showcasing a modern interpretation of its classic designs, including their signature check pattern

Aquascutum Biography

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