Embracing Your Natural Beauty: Less Is More

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It is a bold statement to have the courage to let your natural beauty shine. Too often, women are encouraged to cover up with makeup and the latest fashion. Simplicity is the newest and hottest trend that is empowering young women around the globe.


If you love an outdoor lifestyle, spending your time hiking and climbing some of the best mountains on the west coast you probably don’t have the time to fuss a lot over your personal style. Even for those busy working women, a routine of simplistic beauty can help you to save time in front of the mirror.

Gaining the self-confidence to boost your natural beauty and adopting a simple classic style is a great way to stand out from the crowd. You can start by finding a Kelowna Laser Hair Removal clinic and getting smooth no maintenance skin and legs. Build your wardrobe and minimize your makeup for the most natural look and feel. Follow these tips to start embracing your own natural style today.

Natural Hair

If you have a natural wave or curl to your hair you have probably spent years and countless dollars trying to tame it. Why fight what nature gave you? There are plenty of curl boosting and hydrating products on the market that can help you to let your curls shine.

The fight for straight locks can only cause further damage with irons and alcohol products that can dry out your curls. Make sure to moisturize your hair and let it set naturally for a soft and lovely look.


You could spend hours watching complicated makeup tutorials online that can leave you looking like an entirely different person. Makeup was designed to help you highlight your already natural beauty, not cover it up. If you need to wear something then choose makeup that is made from natural ingredients and is lightweight.

Keeping your face moisturized is the best way to get that natural glow. Regular exfoliation paired with a light foundation and natural colored makeup can give you the lift that you need without looking too made up.


Classic pieces of good quality never go out of style. Natural fabrics like linens and wools can make up a wardrobe that is timeless. Spend your clothes budget on accessories like jewelry, scarves, and hats to give your regular basics a boost.

You can find tons of designer items in online second-hand shops that will help you save a bundle. Quality is always better than quantity when it comes to putting together your wardrobe.


If your lifestyle takes you outdoors often then you will probably want to have a manicure that is functional. No one wants to break a nail or fuss with elaborate manicures when they are out in the woods or on a hike.

To get the most durable nails it’s best to keep them on the shorter side. Clear or light polishes can keep your nails looking neat and natural. Opt for getting gel polishes that give you superior protection and last longer than regular polish.


We all want to look our best without sacrificing our budgets or our self-esteem. Learning to love your natural beauty is part of the journey of every woman. Embrace your best qualities (and even your flaws) and show them fearlessly to the world.


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