Catwalk Yourself’s Top 10 New Brand from Pure London

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From 11 to 13 of February, at Pure London, a medley of startup brands caught our attention at Catwalk Yourself. We handpicked 10 standout labels that resonated with us for their fresh aesthetics, innovative designs, and, in several cases, their commitment to sustainable fashion.

Pirate Glam

Here’s a nod to these emerging talents:

Pirate Glam – Launched by Maria Luisa & Ilona, PIRATE GLAM marries the allure of nature with sustainable fashion sensibilities. Their line showcases eco-friendly materials in designs that sing with the vibrancy of the natural world. Each unique piece pledges to never replicate, echoing the brand’s commitment to diversity and individuality. As the founders have shared, 2% of profits are generously directed to WWF, reinforcing their noble commitment to conservation and environmental stewardship.

Formerly Known As – Andrea and Felicity, the founders, have crafted an inclusive, gender-neutral brand that defies fast fashion with timeless, elevated classics for all. Their brand ethos is about creating versatile, enduring pieces that appeal across the spectrum, promoting quality and longevity in fashion

Formerly Known As


Isabelle Pinnington-Edmead

Isabelle Pinnington-Edmead Stands out for its dedication to ethical fashion, catering to a bold clientele that values both style and substance. With a focus on unique prints and in-house manufacturing in the North West of England, the label promises transparency and ethical practices in every garment created for the conscious consumer.

Caroline Lita – a British designer with an eco-conscious luxury fashion ethos. Drawing inspiration from British heritage and global travels, her collections feature unique patterns that tell individual stories. Committed to sustainability, Caroline uses recycled or dead stock fabrics and eco-friendly printing processes. All garments are designed, printed, and handmade in England, embodying a blend of luxury, empowerment, and environmental responsibility.


Caroline Lita


Heretic Nine

Heretic Nine – A vibrant Shoreditch-based independent brand that merges global streetwear with subculture inspirations into concept-led collections for a fresh pop style. Targeting non-conformists and creative souls, their work celebrates individuality and fosters a community valuing creativity and self-expression.

Kat&Rose – Kat & Rose combine traditional tailoring with sustainable innovation, offering made-to-order garments that celebrate craftsmanship and quality fabrics. Their journey into sustainability, through minimising fabric waste and pioneering an upcycled line, reflects a commitment to eco-friendly fashion. Each piece is intentionally crafted, telling a unique story of elegance, sustainability, and the harmonious blend of past and present.

Fancifull Doll – Founded by Emily in London, embodies whimsy and femininity, drawing inspiration from fairytales and romance. This brand creates enchanting, princess-like apparel that offers an escape into a fantastical world of fancy and freedom. Emphasising girlishness and excess, Fanciful Doll champions feminine expression through its designs. Emily, deeply involved in every facet of her business, ensures a personal connection with her audience, from design to social media interaction.


Madlen merges timeless elegance with modern style, offering luxurious, hand-painted trench coats, shirts and more, from Romania. Focused on quality and craftsmanship, their collections celebrate individuality and confidence through detailed, expressive designs. Each piece from Madlen tells a unique story, inviting wearers to explore sophisticated artistry in fashion.

Noushella – Founded by Noush Navazani, merges luxury fashion with a mission to promote mental health awareness. Drawing from her psychology background and London fashion experience, Noush, alongside creative director Jalal Mashhadi Fard, crafted a debut collection inspired by Carl Jung’s seven female archetypes, aiming to reflect contemporary women’s diverse psychological profiles.

Keko Studio – founded by Cat, is a testament to clothing that ignites joy and confidence. Stemming from Cat’s personal quest for the ‘perfect piece,’ the brand offers a bold, versatile collection designed for all body types, encouraging self-expression and the inner glow that comes from feeling great in what you wear.

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