5 Reasons Why Cheeky Underwear Is Better Than A Bikini

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Women’s underwear will sometimes put you in a dilemma. You either get a full panty, almost in the style of briefs, or have to bare it all with a thong. You get proper coverage with the first option, while you’re practically in your birthday suit with the second one. But what options are available to women who’d prefer something in between? Some of you may be looking for underwear that’s got more conservative than a thong yet more playful than ordinary panties. The solution to that problem is cheeky underwear.

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Cheeky underwear will bring attitude and style to your underwear game. It’s precisely how you want it—though it offers more coverage than a thong, it’s got a more daring cut than a full panty. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your underwear peeking out every time you bend over due to its mid-rise waistline. Because of that, a lot of women choose this particular underwear as their go-to option for any occasion.

However, some women find it hard to tell the difference between cheeky underwear and bikinis due to their resemblance to one another. You might have to inspect them closely in order to tell them apart. At first glance, you may think they’re both great for daily wear and suitable for any occasion. But the truth is, cheeky underwear is more recommended for everyday use compared to a bikini. If you find that hard to believe, here are five reasons why cheeky underwear is better than a bikini and why you should start wearing them too:


Rear Coverage

For starters, bikini panties have less rear coverage than full panties. Meanwhile, although cheeky underwear also features a narrow fabric across your tush, it still provides more coverage compared to a thong. Cheeky underwear got its name due to its literal and figurative cheekiness and flirty cut, which allows for a playful look that can still be deemed modest.

For most women, cheeky underwear is the better option as it creates a perfect balance between the partial coverage of a bikini and the full rear exposure of a thong. It provides functionality and versatile comfort with a touch of sophistication.


Waistline Rise 

If you’ve noticed, your bikini’s waistline is lower in the front, and the rest of the waistband is much closer to your hips instead of your waist. Meanwhile, cheeky underwear’s waistline is quite the opposite of a bikini’s. Your bum cheeks are more visible, and the waistline in the back is lower while the front is high-rise. This means only one thing: you’ve got business in the front and party in the back.

You may find some cheek panties are either of a lower cut or high-waisted. But most of the time they’re available in mid-rise as this style complements the overall look of the underwear, offsets its cheekiness with medium coverage, and increases its versatility.


Side Coverage

Bikini undies are mostly known for their thin side panels, and sometimes they only come with strings, allowing you to show off the skin around your hips. On the other hand, cheeky underwear has wider side panels that cover a large area. Those broad panels serve to keep the rest of the underwear in place without digging into your skin. Moreover, wider side panels distribute equal amounts of pressure throughout your hips. In contrast, the thin fabric band or strings of a bikini’s might cling to your skin and etch unwanted lines on the hips.


Minimize Potential Visible Panty Lines

Some women are self-conscious about having visible panty lines (VPLs), especially when they’re planning to wear tight dresses or skirts. VPLs are among the style mistakes women often make. To address the issue, some women are forced to wear thongs even if a number of them don’t find that kind of underwear particularly pleasant.

The good news is that if you don’t want to have visible panty lines and resort to putting on a thong, you can use cheeky underwear instead. Its back panel is a lot narrower across your tush, making it easier to blend with your skirts or pants. Although bikini-cut panties also have less rear coverage than full panties, most of the time they still lead to VPLs.

You can still wear Moisture Wicking Underwear or thongs occasionally if you’re looking to avoid VPL at all times. But if you’re looking for a comfortable and practical choice, especially when you need underwear that can support your every move, it’s best to add cheeky underwear to your wardrobe.


Fashion-Forward Style

Way back in the 1990s, bikini panties, especially the stringy ones, were all the hype. They were often worn with super low-cut pants, and that was how most women defined what they called ‘chic jeans.’

Later on, low-cut jeans and pants began to fade out in the fashion industry, but string bikinis still endure to this day. Over time, many women have taken a different direction and have gone with underwear offering more hip coverage than those with string side panels. That’s because the strings tend to pinch the skin and don’t really do anything to stop the underwear from moving throughout the day.

Cheeky underwear is more on-trend these days as not only does it create a slightly flirty effect when worn, but it’s also comfortable and will not grip your hips too tightly. They’re a lot cozier than bikinis as well. So don’t be surprised if wearing cheeky undies soon tops all the lists of fashion tips for young women.


The Bottom Line

Despite these five arguments taking the side of cheeky underwear over bikinis, the two styles still have a lot in common. For instance, their cuts provide medium coverage, and they both offer flirtation and playfulness but in different ways. While a bikini bares more skin in the sides and the front, cheeky underwear gives an alluring glimpse of your bum from behind.

Overall, cheeky underwear features adequate hip coverage, a medium-rise waistband, and moderate bum exposure, which all equate to a balanced style perfect for daily use. If you’re searching for underwear that makes you look and feel good without being over the top, cheeky underwear is your best bet.


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