5 Autumn Wardrobe Essentials For Stylish Men

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After the spicy heat of summer comes the chilly breeze of autumn. It’s time to trade in those colourful beach shorts for something a little warmer.

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One of the greatest things about autumn fashion is how exciting it is to layer your clothing. This opportunity allows your outfits to look fresh and new every day. It’s vastly different from summer and winter fashions, with the former requiring light clothes and the latter requiring thicker pieces. Autumn clothing falls somewhere in the middle, so it’s easier to mix and match things up depending on your taste.

However, mixing and matching clothes only works if you have the right pieces. If your wardrobe lacks the essentials for men’s autumn fashion, here’s a brief checklist to help you out:




Jackets come in various designs and materials like leather, wool, and linen. Men’s fashion is never complete with at least one sturdy jacket. However, you can settle with a black leather or bomber jacket to pair with the rest of your outfits or depending on your preference, you could settle with one all-around jacket in a neutral colour to pair with the rest of your outfits.

Some kinds of jackets you can opt to add to your closet are:


Quilted jacket

The quilted jacket was initially designed to keep a rifleman’s body warm without sacrificing arm movement. It gained public appeal when the royal family wore it for riding. This jacket is perfect if you go outdoors often. It’s usually made of waterproof material to keep you dry and warm during rainy autumn nights.


Tweed sports jacket

This jacket might be the poster child for autumn fashion. The tweed jacket’s iconic woolen weave design fits with autumn’s aesthetic. It also keeps its wearer both stylish and warm.


Waxed cotton jacket

If you prefer to have only one reliable jacket for autumn, you can choose this one. Many waxed cotton jackets for men usually have a waterproof coating to protect you from light rain showers. However, it’s not built to withstand heavy rainfall the way a raincoat can.


Flannel Button-Down Shirt


This piece is one of the essentials of autumn fashion. It’s excellent as base clothing underneath the rest of the layers you might wear. You’ll need to keep in mind that to look stylish, you can’t pair a flannel shirt with flannel trousers. You can pair it with any other pair of trousers, though.

Contrary to popular belief, flannel shirts are not limited to plaid patterns. You may encounter flannel shirts in solid colors, too. Long-sleeved shirts in darker colors work best during this season. You can then pair it with jeans for a simple yet striking casual look. Choose flannel pieces made of high-quality fabric to avoid quick wear and tear. You could wear these shirts well into winter, after all.


Rubber-Soled Boots


Autumn brings constant rain throughout the season, which is why sidewalks end up wet and slippery. To avoid slipping and landing on your bum during an errand walk, wear a pair of rubber-soled boots. The traction the rubber provides will keep you sliding around on your way to work or school.

Sturdy boots will also protect your feet from slush and snow when winter comes. Look for boots with welt construction like the Goodyear Welt. The welt is an excellent indicator of how well-made the boots are since it acts as an additional layer to prevent water intrusion. You can also choose a pair with studded soles for extra grip.

Rubber-soled boots come in various styles, too, so you can go for Chelseas, Chukkas, or Brogues. The boots also have different leather or suede finishes. Pick suede ones if you want to amplify your outdoor autumn fashion.


Henley Shirts


Not a fan of flannel? That’s perfectly fine. The Henley shirt is your next best bet for autumn inner-wear. Named after the British town and home of the Royal Regatta, Henley shirts were once the standard uniform for rowers.

It’s comfortable to wear and comes in various materials and colours. You can get one in short or long sleeves, too. The Henley shirt also gives a masculine aura to its wearer, especially the shirts with a v-cut in the front. But one with the more common round neckline is enough to give your autumn outfit a subtle oomph while keeping your body nice and toasty.

Occasionally you want the most comfort when you spend the weekend at home, you can also prepare a few men’s silk pajamas, the silky fabric will let you enjoy the leisure of the holiday all the time!


Wool Trousers


If you want to stay both warm and stylish during autumn, you’d best wear a pair of wool trousers outside. Many designers have come up with designs featuring a wider cut on the legs. But the recommended style for men is the good old-fashioned slim cut. Don’t mistake this for the skinny one, though. Slim-cut trousers work harmoniously with most tops like a white T-shirt, a bomber jacket, or a blazer. Hence, they’re an indispensable addition to any man’s wardrobe.

As for the colour, you can never go wrong with neutrals. Navy, grey and black are timeless, but burgundy and dark green work fine if you wish to add a pop more of colour. You can even wear wool trousers with a unique texture to play up your style.

Because trousers are much closer to the ground than shirts and jackets, expect them to get dirtier faster. When you think your pair appears soiled but not enough to warrant a complete wash, you could dry clean them at home. The process will rid your trousers of most foul odours and prevent wrinkles from forming. Then you can wear them again the next day.


Comfort First, Style After

Autumn is a great season to start experimenting with fashion styles. Because of the cool weather, you can layer up and mix different pieces every day to create something new. Another autumn wardrobe essential is the right watch band. A neutral-colored leather Apple Watch band can add a touch of warmth to your layered looks, while a nylon NATO strap offers a comfortable, preppy option that’s perfect for those crisp autumn days.

Always remember to prioritise comfort over style. You can have the most fashionable boots or jacket, but you’re strutting around town with cramped feet and all soaked with rain, which no true stylish man wants.


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