4 Tips to Become Your Own Fashion Icon and Start Designing

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Whether you’re designing for yourself, or you’ve been wanting to start your clothing brand, there are skills that you should develop first if you want to become a designer. While you don’t necessarily need formal training or certification to design fashionable clothes, there are fundamentals that you should follow. The following are tips to help you turn your creative powers into wearable ideas.

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1. Start with the Basics 

Designing clothes has many layers, but you should always start with the fundamentals. It’s essential to hone your fashion skills by learning how to create patterns, sewing, and embroidery. Even today’s world-renowned designers began by learning the basics. Those who take it up a notch learn how to construct clothing, learn the different types of fabrics, draping, and studying colors that would work well together. You can experiment on your own with different types of stitches on a sewing machine to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

2. Digitize Your Design  

There are many design types—for example, you may want to learn graphics creation to print on t shirts. If you like customizing your wardrobe, creating your own designs can be fun, and you could learn how to create designs for blank t-shirt printing. Draw inspiration from anywhere, and draft a sketch while being careful not to rush it. Ideas will come to you in time. Don’t overthink it because the most straightforward designs are more likely to get your point across.

You can use software to reimagine your design on a model or a blank shirt. After finalizing your design, search for reputable custom printers online. Choose wisely so you can get good quality printing services from a company that could bring your creation to life without rippinng you off.

3. Dress for Your Body Type 

Developing your style starts with knowing what looks good on you. If you’re following trends, they need to be appropriate to your body type. But are you aware of your shape?

The four main types of bodies are pear-shaped, hourglass, apple, and athletic. There are various styles of clothing that fit well with a specific body type. Take street styles, for example. Outerwear such as coats may look similar on the surface, but some various styles and colors will look better on tall girls than on petite ladies.

Don’t worry if you think you don’t belong to any of the mentioned types because there are more! Mixing and matching clothes can help you see what works and what doesn’t. You’re bound to find something just for you. And when you know what works for you, you’ll eventually learn how to design for bodies like yours, which is a great starting point before you branch out.

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4. Repurpose Old Clothing 

Being fashionable doesn’t mean that you have the trendiest designer outfits. A real fashion icon knows how to look great even in discount clothing. A talented fashion icon can create something new from the old. How about using a long-sleeved shirt and turning it into a dress shirt with lace or other embellishments? You can also turn a t-shirt into a pin-tucked dress. If you don’t know-how, you can search for how-to videos online and learn other hacks or tricks in the process. It’s all about exercising your creativity.

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In Conclusion 

The term fashion icon is often interpreted as someone famous and usually someone in the fashion industry. But fashion icons are everywhere, and they are individuals who have a personal sense of style and sometimes with creative skills to design what they wear. Being fashionable is also the confidence that you radiate when you’re comfortable in your skin. Partner that sense of style with design and the path you tread becomes your very own catwalk.


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