6 Tips to Start a Career of a Fashion Designer Straight from School

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Have you always been into fashion? Do you dream of conquering the world with your unique clothes, shoes, or accessories?

Well, that’s a great dream to follow. But do you really know which way to go?

If you are interested in becoming a fashion designer, you probably already know that there is no must-have certification or education one needs to possess to start building a career in this field. However, although you are not required to go to college, this doesn’t make the learning curve any smaller.

Yes, you may not need to attend all those boring lessons and cope with lots of boring homework, looking for and asking professionals something like – can you write an essay for me? Still, you will have lots of other things to keep up with.

To succeed in this profession, one must possess a set of decent drawing, design, and sewing skills. Also you need to have a strong sense of fashion, always keep up with the main trends, and know well the ins and outs of the industry.

What else do you need to succeed? Below, we have prepared an ultimate guide that will help aspiring designers to develop the needed skills and build careers step by step. Let’s dive in!


Fill in the Skill Gaps

Just like any other artistic profession, being a fashion designer requires strong skills. Therefore, the first and most important matter to focus on is determining your skill gaps and filling them in!

Every successful designer has a large set of industry-related skills. Unlike a common belief, their array doesn’t stop at drawing and sewing. In addition, a good specialist should have an eye for texture and color, good understanding of how different fabrics move and fell, keep up with trends, etc.

To get on track, evaluate where you are at right now. Maybe you need more practice with visualizing concepts or are not too good at sewing yet. Once you define the gaps, take up courses and put all your effort into practice, until you have no gaps left.


Start Working on Your Portfolio as Early as Possible

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that your designer’s portfolio is pretty much your lucky ticket to the backstage of the fashion industry!

You may not be required to have a college degree or prior experience to start a career, but you will definitely need a killer portfolio. And the better it is, the higher your chances will be.

We recommend starting your work on a brilliant portfolio as early as possible. However, be sure to make it thoughtful. There is no need to rush, as every piece of your design should reflect individuality and showcase your skills and talent.


Enhance Your Knowledge in Business and Finance

What does it have to do with the job of a designer? Well, you may not be dependent on these skills first, when you land a related job in the industry. However, when it finally gets to creating your own brand and products, that’s when the knowledge of the business will definitely come in handy.

When launching your own brand, you will likely be looking for financing. That’s when your ability to create convincing business plans will be necessary. Therefore, we recommend investing time in gaining more business knowledge and skills in advance.


Apply to Related Jobs

Barely anyone can start a successful career as a fashion designer straight from the top. As a rule, it takes time and hard work. And in many cases, it also requires working on related jobs.

A great way to get noticed is to start working at a big company in the role of sewer or designer’s assistant. This will give you the experience needed to move further and an insight into the industry.


Define Your Signature Style

Look at famous artists, each of them has a unique style. Get inspired by professionals to shape your own style that will be original and recognizable!


Chase Every Opportunity!

Our last but the most important tip is to have enough courage to grab every opportunity that comes along your way!

Have your school announced participation in the fashion illustration contest? – Great, go for it! Heard that a local atelier is looking for interns? – That might be your chance!

Similarly, try to learn to recognize every little opportunity and take advantage of it. After all, you never know which one of them can take you closer to success!

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Final Words

If we look at the examples of famous designers, it took many years for most of them to get where they are now. Therefore, our final tip is always to remember that success doesn’t come overnight!

Even after considering all these tips, polishing your portfolio, and improving skills, you are not likely to become a worldwide famous designer overnight. Sadly, there is no proven formula for universal success. Therefore, to reach recognition, you will have to move one step at a time.

Some of you may be lucky and receive recognition sooner. Others may have to work hard and make huge commitments to get noticed. No matter what your path looks like, if this is something you are passionate about, don’t let failures stop you!

Stay true to yourself and keep moving forward doing your best, and you will reach the goal!



Written by Lola McQuenzie

Lola is one of our most busy writer, She worked for Catwalk Yourself since 2007 and still producing her 2-3 artiles per week. Lola graduaded at Central St Martins and started working wth us soon after

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