From Latte Makeup to Strawberry Girl

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“From Latte Makeup to Strawberry Girl: The Fusion of Food and Beauty Trends in the Social Media Era”



In recent times, beauty trends have taken on a unique twist, as they are now inspired by food items. These trends, such as “latte makeup,” “tomato girl makeup,” and “strawberry girl makeup,” have gained immense popularity on social media platforms like TikTok and Pinterest. The rise of these trends can be attributed to their relatability and the way they simplify complex makeup techniques.

These food-inspired beauty trends have historical roots in past makeup eras, but they have been repackaged and tailored to fit the social media landscape of today.

Social media has democratised beauty, allowing anyone to become their own makeup artist. Makeup artists and beauty professionals find these trends helpful in communicating with clients and brands, as they provide a straightforward way to describe a desired look. For example, instead of using technical terms like “soft brown smoky eye,” they can now refer to it as “latte makeup,” which is more easily understood.

While some may view these trends as lacking originality and merely driven by hype, they have demonstrated the versatility of makeup looks. They show how a look can be adapted seasonally, transitioning from one trend to another.

The connection between food and beauty is not new, as many brands have incorporated food themes into their products for years. However, in 2023, influencers and makeup experts are capitalising on this trend.

Makeup artist Nam Vo, for instance, gained popularity by referencing food in her makeup looks. Her hashtag #dewydumplings, which described her dewy and glowing makeup style, preceded the “glazed donut skin” trend. Vo emphasizes that these trends should be approached lightheartedly and make makeup less intimidating.

Despite the usefulness of these trends for communication and creativity, some people find them amusing but also somewhat irritating. These trends have become so widespread that they are hard to escape, leading to a mix of fascination and exhaustion.

Overall, these food-inspired beauty trends are here to stay, and new ones are likely to emerge as the seasons change. They offer a fresh and approachable way to explore makeup and adapt it to different occasions and moods.

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Written by Aurora Cami

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